Older, Crappier Art

Here is something I drew during break at the anime club. (97K)
And this is a space battleship I drew. I'm proud of it. (138K)
A picture of an X-com guy. it's like four years old. (61K)
Some sort movie poster type thing. about two years old. (25K)
Kenshin. I drew this looking at a tape on pause, but I did the color from memory. (74K)
A product of boredom: Saitou and the save girl from metal gear solid. (42K)
I'm proud of this Bloody Angel Altima picture because I scribbled it out in under a minute.(11K)
Plumbers saw this sketch of some guy and said it was "durn good". (86K)
Notebook paper lines remain, though I tried to get rid of them. some girl. (19K)
Disaster is the central character for an Irritability spin-off-thing I had planned on doing. (36K)
Here is a very small picture of Agrias charging for an attack. (10K)
Here's Hiei, in color, from the YYH commercial break. (19K)
Seta Soujiro is one of my favorites from Rurouni Kenshin, so I drew him. (37K)
I'm planning on printing and scattering this image as Irritability propaganda (21K)
I'm getting better with photoshop. Chappy Chappy in armor. (74K)
Some people take notes in class. I try to draw Shi Shi O from memory. (29K)
This is a messy scribble of a ten armed robot using 4 player N64. (41K)
And, for variety, a car. (8K)
I tried to imitate Katsura Masakazu's style with this one of Beireia. (39K)
Another picture of a girl. This one's got armor. (70K)
I decided to start trying to draw people in more dynamic poses, this one has action. (29K)
Here's another full color picture, it has some problems, though. It's Oulan from Suikoden II. (91K)
I've tried many a time to draw Squall, finally I have one that's not embarrasingly bad. (58K)
A self portrait! I'm the one with the taco. (39K)
For the West Mall Rally, I wanted to do an Activity page. So I did. (77K)
Another fancy picture of Beireia. Again, no background. (65K)
I drew a better pic of the ten armed robot, but I forgot where two of the arms went, so he only has eight in this one.(57K)
I drew this picture of some drunk kids for the paper, but they decided they didn't want it after all.(36K)
Exoth is in bad shape in this sketch. I wasn't going to scan it, but some folks at the anime club were impressed, so I did.(24K)
This woman is actually an important character, but I can't tell you how she fits in yet. I don't even have a name for her.(23K)
I like to do mecha design sometimes, during such an occasion I drew this picture of an atmospheric fighter(19K)
Ourorya is standing in the rain. I drew this one in ballpoint, with no previous pencilling or anything. (145K)
Another one of this woman who I haven't explained yet. I tried some new techniques, but kind of messed it up.(22K)
The Daily Texan asked me to draw a picture of a stalker, but they changed their mind at the last minute.(18K)
The "That Aint What I Axed You!" title image. (59K)
Exoth's Weapons designer, and a salamander detective. Come up with a caption. (95K)
The weapon designer guy again, in glorious duotone. It's a character design sketch. (43K)
Beireia with Treasure, all ink. (51K)
Exoth's second disciple, the first being Ourorya. (48K)
A filler image of Tatanya, Robot and another made to fill space between comics on the Texan's comics page. (23K)
The final Texan strip, just goodbyes and a fancy title image. (59K)