This is the story that spawned the Irritability comic strip. Most of the characters in it are based on both friends of mine and people from the video game X-com. I wrote it in an Olde Englishe style to conceal my lack of literary talent. The first couple of chapters are pretty stupid, and if you already know the characters from Irritability the strip, you might want to just skip to chapter 3 or so. It's a fairly long story, about 50 pages so far, so you probably want to download it and read it later, or something like that, don't you? No point answering, I can't hear you. La la la.

Chapter One
Questing Heroes With Bad Memory

Chapter Two
Victor Banana's Daily Life

Chapter Three
Department Store of Terror

Chapter Four
Tatanya Banana's Tough Assignment

Chapter Five
The Bloody Marriage Fiasco

Chapter Five and a Half
The Age of Oppression

Chapter Six
Blah Blah Blah (Incomplete)