Exoth is Chappy's friend, the obligatory evil genius character. He was formerly commander of Vedica's second army but was basically exiled to the Americas in the early 1700s. Officially assigned the mission of preparing for an invasion of the United States, he regards this as little more than a pretext for his expulsion, and spends little time with it. He lives in a labyrinthine underground lab complex with his cronies, and is frequently visited by superheroes looking to gain reknown by defeating him. While extremely powerful, he is also extremely lazy, and rarely bothers to defend himself, instead counting on his antagonists eventually getting bored and leaving.

Special Death Move:Self-Decapitation
Robot is a young punk who works in Exoth's lab as an indentured servant. While outwardly very surly and uncooperative, he is actually very interested in the workings of the lab. He has very little combat ability compared to most of the others, but was injected with a special potion that allows him to sense the presence of treasure. This ability also allows him to identify creatures that look and act exacly like human beings but whose heads are full of candy.


One of Exoth's more loyal subordinates, Ourorya is in charge of treasure collection and a few other unspecified tasks. He developed telekinesis through practice, and feels justified in using this to cheat at sports and cards and such. He dogmatically prefers to travel in a straight line, but otherwise rejects the concept of morals. Uses a large switchblade and an invisible gun.


Enne is Exoth's second disciple, in charge of spying and assasination. She has strange and alien ways of thinking, and has great difficulty understanding normal people and their motivations. She and Ourorya are in a romantic relationship of unclear nature.


Pendenne is a mercenary from the future, sent to the present in a poorly explained misson to preserve the timeline. Stuck in a time which is hopelessly primitive compared to her familiar future, she eventually had no choice but to join up with Exoth. Regardless of her assignments, however, she just kills whoever crosses her path. When not on a mission she mainly just complains about how inferior the present is.


The unfortunate product of one of Exoth's biological experiments, head-leg is simply a head perched atop a single leg. Created to suffer, he is constantly villified and tormented. Lacking the full complement of vital organs, his life span is brief. However death offers no solace, as new head-legs are continuously produced, with all the memories of his past lives and deaths fully intact.

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