Monster Killers-[description]
nofna-Highly experimental webcomic about sentient animals with special fighting styles
Gastrophobia-Humorous Greek adventures of a barbarian mom and her barbarian kid.
Girly-Finished comic by Josh Lesnick, a former daily texan cartoonist, and generous hoster of the maze mirror.
Bill and Erik-One of my favorites from the daily texan.
Bryan Douglas' various adventures-Bryan has collected all of his stuff onto a site, or a lot of it, at least.
Achewood-Very well-written webcomic, on hiatus
Wigu-I like most of the dumbrella comics a lot, but especially wigu/overcompensating.
Maakies-Cool sea battles, alcoholism / suicide jokes.
Freek-Freek has done a number of guest comics, go to his site and check out his original stuff.