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Personal Data

Mike E. Woodson
Chemistry grad student at Duke
Age: 28
Birthday: 06/07
Hometown: Galveston, TX
Alma Mater: Ball High School, UT Austin
Siblings: Two Younger Brothers
Dog: Enzyme
Hair: Brown
Eyes: Green, Bad (I need glasses)
Height: medium
Weight: 170
Hobbies: Drawing
Playing: Odin Sphere, Wario Ware
Comic Projects: Irritability, Snid vs.
Enemies: Bees, Color Orange
Allies: Rethaoiate, UT Cartoonists
Electric Bill: ?????
I Live In: An Apartment


I grew up mostly in Galveston, Texas. It's a small town, so you probably haven't heard much about it, so I made a page with G-Town information. It's small, so go ahead and go to Galveston.


My old high school gang, we have now spread out, to cover more area, and infect more unsuspecting foos with our nerdly ways. Find out: Who Is Rethaoiate????