Here is a place for all the guest works hosted on the site

Guest Irritability Strips

no. dateartistname
23 01.18.05 Steven TaylorNun Violent Protest
19 03.06.04 Freek GroenveldViolence for Pay
20 03.06.04 Freek GroenveldMulti-Clone pt.1
21 03.06.04 Freek GroenveldMulti-Clone pt.2
22 03.06.04 Freek GroenveldEvil Bread
18 03.06.04 Freek Groenveld"Sexy Losers"-type thing(SFW)
16 11.06.03 AnthonyPants
17 11.06.03 AnthonyMore Pants
15 10.31.01 Mac BlakeCracker Jack
14 04.30.01 CaitlinComic "Strip" 2
13 04.02.01 Ray DaughertyCharacter Maker
12 3.23.01 Forrest WalkerAnother Stab
11 3.20.01 Jarrod GurneySnidability
10 3.11.01 Forrest WalkerDo it Yourself
09 3.11.01 Forrest WalkerLesbian Action
08 3.11.01 Forrest WalkerPolitical Action
07 3.11.01 Forrest Walkerno Big Joe
06 3.11.01 Forrest WalkerBig Joe
05 03.08.01 Matthew WoodsonAnt man Speaks
04 05.05.00 Matthew WoodsonReturn of Ant man
03 05.04.00 Matthew WoodsonAnt man
02 10.29.99 Jeff YoungHammer
01 ??? Josh LesnickThe Time

Guest Strips by Me

strip nameusual artistname
Ugly DukelingJanosMail Order Pirate
Bill and ErikMac BlakeJust a "Fool's Comic"
GDI'sRay DaughertyMonkey Business
Common GroundPaige ZunigaYes, Master
BuffmanJeff YoungBuffman Want Eat!
MilesMike HarnishBlockhead
Inane Drawings of the NerdherdThomas P Reidy IIIThey're Upside Down
The Ultimate AnswerJosh Lesnick42
WendyJosh LesnickPanels

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Guest Art and Such

Color ChappyColorationJason Riley
Shaded ChappyColorationRaven Darkwind
Exoth IconIconHarman Chan
Exoth Icon 2IconHarman Chan
Modified Exoth IconIconBarnus
Chappy's Dad??PencilsForrest Walker
Akazukin ChappyColor ImageJamie
Total Eclipse of the MirageEdited stripJarrod Gurney
Exoth VariationsColor ImageCaitlin
Beireia, w/CrowbarGrayscale ImageSam Hall
Chappy v. SephirothGrayscale ImageHokuto Kuzuki
Victor in Power SuitColor ImageSam Hall
SNID WINS!!Color ImageBashful Bryan
Exoth + GuestColor Imagerandom Cara
Exoth + Guest 2Color Imagerandom Cara
Snid vs. RikchikLineart Denis Moskowitz
Girly on IrritabilitysketchJosh Lesnick
Chappy's Sword Chainsaw??digital paintsFreek Groeneveld

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