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4/13/14-These would have been up last week, but some emergencies happened.
4/01/14-A few factors have come together to prevent me from getting anything done. Having two kids to keep up with is, of course, a big part, and as it warms up I'm spending a lot more time in the garden. (I have a garden now) I've also just not really been feeling like it. In the past I'd just put my head down and do it anyway, but I've got too many other projects going right now. Anyway, I'm still working on more! Slowly.
2/02/14-I'm more than a bit horrified that it's been so long since I did any comics... but it doesn't really help to keep complaining about it. I like this batch pretty well, even though none of them worked out qui~ite like I hoped. Also, that femur is anatomically incorrect... The adventurers in the last one have shown up a fewe times before. I designed them right after the dungeon arc started, they were meant to look like sort of a 'hipster' team, but without using the most overused stereotypes. I don't really get that vibe from them much at all anymore, but whatever. Designing the adventurer teams that come in is a lot of fun, I need to come up with some kind of gimmick like a tournament or whatever so I can bring in a whole bunch of em without any Well, anyway, thanks for sticking around during that long dry spell, hopefully it won't be so long till next time!
1/21/14-Gosh, I haven't done anything in a while, huh? So I had another kid Dec. 17th, and we've been a bit busy since then. Also there are still a lot of complications from the move that I'll need to figure out before I can get into a good work groove. That said, I do have pencils done for a set of bad comics that I'm pretty happy with. I don't like making promises that I'll likely only kind-of keep, but that pressure seems to be the most reliable way to get myself to work. So sorry, Dear Readers, I'm violating Kant's categorical imperative on you here.