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5/05/24-I planned out a bunch of easy to draw comics for the least-eventful weekend I've had in a while, and then I go and get sick so I'm in the same spot as the last few batches. Oh well.
4/01/24-My joke for April Fools is that I didn't have any comics done on time. Pretty funny huh. Here is the first of the batch, hopefully I can get the rest out over the week, because I don't have any free weekends for the forseeable future.
3/10/24-Okay, there were tons of delays, but the next batch are done. I haven't actually seen the new dune movies, but I read the books n saw the Lynch ones. I get the basic idea. If you notice their footprints in the sand in panel 1 of 753 are regular, Chappy just suplexes any worms that come up. It's a bit unfair calling 754 "guidancefails" since the councelor is imo doing an admirable job taking Tatanya's proposed career path seriously. It's too catchy or whatever for me to pass up though.
3/03/24-My son has soccer now, so I was busy with that and other things all week. Normally I'd power through at least a little more, but I like these comics more than I have in awhile, so I don't want to rush them. I'll add more over the course of the week.
2/04/24-Pretty late in the process, I decided I didn't like the vibe of one of the comics and decided to not do it. I'll try to fill in it's blank space ASAP. OK, not as quick as I'd have liked but here's the full set.
12/03/23-Lots of things happened, so I didn't finish the whole batch. I'll hopefully be able to wrap the other two up this week.
11/05/23-I had a hard time with this batch, I scrapped and replaced two of them at the last minute; once I sat down to draw them, I realized I didn't really like them much. One of the replacements is quite good, though. Imo.
10/08/23-These are a week late, but for various reasons, I just didn't feel up to finishing this set last weekend. They seemed pretty simple in the earlier stages of planning, but turned out to need more space than I budget for the strips. I ended up trying some new production approaches. There's major changes I need to make, but it'll take more time than I've got tonite.
9/03/23-Damn! New comics! Had trouble scheduling these again, I was ahead until late Sunday, but my kid just would not go to bed, so I couldn't start the last stretch until way late. I'll try to remember to update this text with more info, but I don't have a great track record on that.
8/01/23-Comics aren't actually scheduled for this week (They come out the first Monday of each month), but the family's taking a road trip for the next 2 weeks, so this is my last chance. The headless bellymen are from some "intermittent fasting" ads that were all over twitter for a few days 2 weeks ago. The strip format didn't give nearly enough space for what I had in mind, as it turns out, and the result is a bit underwhelming. So it goes. The Anime-kun one turned out very well though, imo. I've been using markers more and more to add shading; it helps alot with the 'readability' of the art, but the colors I use scan to greys with darkness that's hard to predict. I bought a bunch of grey markers at the dollar store but, they are low-quality and there's a lot fewer shades than the packaging suggested. I'll keep on plugging away at it, I guess.
7/03/23-My tendonitis was giving me trouble, and I got a late start due to travel earlier in the month, but they are done. I'm trying to use markers more to get better 'pop' on objects that overlap each other, etc. It of course slows things down a bit though. Often with these comics I finish inking and ask myself "what was the joke supposed to be here, exactly?" The comic remains unpopular (so thanks to those few who keep reading!) and I sometimes think I should make more of an effor to fit normal joke structure, etc. But these are still funny to me when I go back and read em, so whatever.
6/05/23-Was a bit ahead of schedule on these, but squandered the lead as usual. Going to touch these up a bit tomorrow, but they are good enough as-is. I like the core jokes for this set more than usual, but I think all of them could have benefited from a bit more polishing. Oh well.
4/30/23-I misread the calendar + thought I had another week to get these ready. The timing was bad, because I had a symposium for work, a bunch of other chores, and my drawing arm is messed up, probably because I've been practicing baseball with my kid. I realized that last bit a little too late, but I'll try to take it easy from here on. I'm posting two comics, the next two will probably have to wait till next week. There are a bunch of little gags in 718, such as the german mercenaries saying "die can", but my elbow is hurting just from typing this so I'll leave it be, as usual.
4/03/23-These ones were all easy to draw, which is convenient because I ran into all kinds of delays this month. I think they are pretty good? We'll see how the fans react. The last two were 11th-hour replacements for two that were going to be self indulgent nonsense of the sort that usually gets few interactions on twitter. I will probably use those next month anyway, though.
3/06/23-Here's another set where I just kind of did stuff I wanted to draw/write, and trusted that jokes would sort of emerge as needed. Judging by twitter likes, those ones tend to be unpopular but that's the cost of doing business or something. I have to indulge myself or I wouldn't be able to make myself do anything.
2/06/23-I started on these really early but just wasn't able to make time to work on them until the last minute, as usual. I was able to not rush too much on the art, hopefully it shows. Not really sure how well the jokes are conveyed, my wife didn't get any of them... I still like them though.
1/08/23-The first set of the new year is late, kind of a bad sign, but it's a tough time to get stuff done. Probably the most-missed month for me. For most comics, my feelings toward them are like a rollercoaster; initial excitement for the idea while I'm scripting it out, disgust + disappointment when the panels are all set, then I think it's kinda good actually when the inks come together, then it stinks again during digital cleanup, etc. etc. This set was even more so, idk what that means for how other people will enjoy them though.
12/05/22-I was about to congratulate myself for getting these done on time-ish, despite a late start, but it's 5:50 AM Monday, so it's only not late if I accept pretty severe shifting of standards. All 4 of these are pretty good imo, but I feel like each one could benefit from one more panel (or that much more space in an existing panel). For the Alien one, I think it's pretty clear what's happening. I could've added another panel to spell it out more clearly, but couldn't come up with an extra round of dialogue for the scientists.
11/07/22-Uploading the last of these during lunch break...
10/31/22-Barely squeaked out a Halloween special comic a week before the rest of the set.
10/03/22-It has been a rough month, last week especially. I've had a pretty good streak going, so I didn't want to skip a month, also I'm pretty excited about these first two strips, so I focused on getting them done and I'll hopefully have two more by next week. We'll see.
9/05/22-Happy Labor Day! Things came up and I couldn't quite finish them in time, but close enough. I try to have each month's set done before the first monday morning, but I'm not sure anyone's even noticed that pattern enough to feel betrayed that I missed it by 8 hours or so this time. For the comics, I've tried to have a background thing where the zoomer adventurers are the first generation that grew up with ubiquitous respawn stones and that gives them a very different attitude toward adventuring and combat; particularly they like to go get killed in funny ways and post about it. Like a lot of similar background 'bits' there isn't a good way to make a joke about it and there's no room for exposition, so I have to trust that readers will sort of be on the same page as me already; the joke will occur to them as well. That approach is extremely efective when it works, imo, but unfortunately it almost never works for me it seems. Oh well! The 'Monkey see Monkey do' line is the heron's equivalent of the orcs' misspeciesing them, if that's not clear.
8/01/22-Probably the latest I've ever finished one of these. Meant them to all be quick throwaway gags, but two at least took along time. Oh well.
7/04/22-At 11:30pm yesterday, photoshop locked up when I tried to use the type tool to put a bunch of 1s and 0s in the hacking scene. It turned out that I had last saved at 8:30, so I just went to bed and finished this morning. Thats why this batch is a bit late. The last one suffered from low morale during its production, maybe you can tell.
6/06/22-The whole family got covid, and I thought I'd miss this batch, too, but I was counting the weeks wrong, and recovered before the deadline. None of these quite land right, like a lot of them I think the underlying jokes are good, I just can't quite frame them well.
5/01/22-I had to skip a month due to life events. It looked like I wasn't going to make this month either, because the ancient computer I use for these kept restarting. But, it looks like the problem was just bad RAM modules, once I took those out I haven't had any problems. I still don't really like the way these digital comics look, and I'm not sure they are actually faster. But, I do like the flexibility it gives you.
3/06/22-Still haven't fixed the printer, so more digital comics. I feel guilty making so many isekai parody comics, but I see a ton of shitty isekai mangas every week, so it's on my mind. It's far too late to worry about this being a niche comic anyway. The face in 668 is from the old D+D module "Tomb of Horrors", which you can read about if you like. I'm not totally sure I've remembered what it does correctly. A couple of callbacks here, the top hat magician guy is the companion of armor halberd girl who's been in a few Chappy's Dungeon comics, and the "Vardallar" world the hacker ends up in is the same one the loser guy in 621 wanted to go to.
1/30/22-Again, didn't really feel up to getting a set out last month. This time, the printer broke that I rely on to make the no-copy blue "pencils" onto paper after they've been touched up etc on the computer. So I had to do the "inks" on computer, which I don't really like. It's faster and looks better to use a brush, but for a while at least it's gonna have to be like this. The last panel of 661 is by-hand inks over plain pencil, so I may do that. We'll see.
12/12/21-I've been badly stressed out the past couple of months, well it didn't feel particularly bad, and objectively there isn't much to be immediately stresssed out about, but there were noticeable physiological effects, so in that sense it must have been bad. Anyway, so I wasn't up to finishing the comics last week. Which is frustrating because I'd had an on-schedule strak for a long damn time, but that's how things worked out on this damn bastard of an earth. On the positive side, I think this batch is pretty good!
11/01/21-Coming up with joke ideas is the most time-intensive part of the comics process, in that it's usually very passive, and I just write them down when one randomly occurs to me. As the deadline for this batch approached, though, I really didn't have anything. Unfortunately, I think it shows, these aren't terrible but none are particularly good. I suppose it says somehting that 3/4 of the top-of-my head gags involve violent blood splatter, but what else is new.
10/03/21-I wanted each of these to end with someone saying No.. NooOOO!! etc., but it wasn't quite in the cards. Pretty close though. These are all fairly good, imo, and weren't hard to draw. My arms/wrists/hands have been hurting like hell lately, even though I make "taking it easy" my life's motto. Your tendons can't tell if you are using a mouse + keyboard for work or gaming purposes, I guess.
9/05/21-Ah I don't want to say anything right now.
8/03/21-Scripting these out I thought they'd be easy, since there's usually only one figure per panel, easy poses, peasants can be drawn sloppily, etc. But these took a lot longer than most. For the nuts guy, it might have flowed better if he had a fairy sidekick or something, but I was running out of time when I thought of it, so it didn't happen. Looking over, the jokes are all pretty arbitrary, I hope you enjoy htem anyway.
7/04/21-I forgot I'd have to do 4th of July stuff today, so I'm behind schedule, it's late, I'm tired. If I remember I'll put more words here later.
6/06/21-I put these off too long and got worn out finishing them in time. Kentaro Miura died recently; most people don't think of drawing as a physically demanding task, but even the tiny amount of output I produce has a noticeable cost, manga guys must really put themselves thru hell. Anyway, there was a panel at the beginning of 636 where Beireia says they need to widen their scope because more folks are becoming adventurers, because living conditions on the surface continue to deteriorate. I had to cut it to make space, while it helped the long-term storytelling, it didn't add much to that particular comic, and was a ton of words besides.
5/02/21-What if the weird new type of guy was actually a weird new type of gal?? This batch of comics dares to ask such a question, hten does so again immediately after. I've been trying to use markers to add shading to some of the comics, with varying levels of success. I want to try to set aside more time to work on that, if so, I may start putting out some of them in full color.
4/04/21-The theme of this set, I guess, is being very skillful at something stupid. Polonium probably wouldn't give you radiation poisoning like that, but the title works best like that. Who cares about accuracy huh? I felt like it's a bit too cruel to that orc, but they don't mind (canonically) so I shouldn't worry.
3/01/21-The first two of these I wasn't too enthusiastic about at the script stage, but when I drew them out, I started to like them a lot, which is a pleasant reversal of the usual process.
2/01/21-Some extra jokes I want to point out: Ogre is scowling because she can't see without her glasses, the "bash" and "smash" on her textbooks refer to the shell and the game, respectively, wise old man wearing crocs, etc.
1/10/21-These are a week late, I haven't updated on an off-schedule day (1st monday of each month) in a long time, I think... I've been having a hard time coming up with ideas I like enough to make into comics lately. Originally these were supposed to be low-effort things where I experimented and figured things out, but I don't feel like I'm getting the training or practice I should be unless I really "full-ass" it. I tried out using markers for shading, I may start using full-color on them at some point.
12/06/20-I had shingles and my phone died, and a bunch of other problems happened this month. I couldn't think of any jokes, the only strip I had planned out more than three days ago was the first one. I seriously considered not having an update this month, but I decided to just rush through it, even if the quality suffered. Despite the sloppiness of the art, they don't look much worse, which is kind of frustrating to be honest.
11/01/20-The Magical Girls last appeared in 2007, and those strips were not that great, so it was really ill-advised to bring them back. Frequently, I try to do comics where there isn't a clear joke or anything, I'm just trying to kind of let interactions play out that make the world of the comic seem more well-defined? Not quite worldbuilding, but to give the impression that the world of the comic COULD be fleshed out in a satisfying way. As mentioned last time, the 3- or 4-panel strip format really doesn't lend itself to that well. Not many people read this comic anyway so I'm gonna just do what I want, but at the same time, what's the point unless I'm trying to make it as good as possible... So I'd really like to figure out some way to add some flexibility to the format while still managing to get things done on time for regular updates.
10/04/20-I like all of these alot, but as is often the case, the jokes would hae worked much better with more space. Unfortunately, my productivity is so precarious, I can't risk disrupting my routine; I'm kind of locked in to the "four strips on a single sheet of paper" format, and that means some of the strips don't get to be as good as they could.
9/07/20-Maybe I bit off a bit more that I could chew, so to speak, with these ones. Of course, that was originally the point of doing "bad" comics, back when I was also doing regular comics.. I'm not sure how well the jokes in 598-600 come through... 597 is pretty straightforward though.
8/10/20-I had a lot of trouble with these. Normally I would skip a month rather than be this late, but I want to do another set next month, so I wanted to get these out. I'm gonna fix them up a bit more though... The forums post in particular is too small. I should have made it zoomed out or something, but stuff looks bretty wonky anyway when you do that. The bioweapon is of course based on Tyrant etc. from Resident Evil, and the Death Bed demon is based on the sleepy princess from some manga whose name I don't quite remember.
7/06/20-Adventurer parties try new things and experience varying levels of success. I'm a few hours late with these but it's ok. I want to prepare a pokedex or something for the different adventurer groups, with those hexagonal power charts and everything. Something I can work on when I don't have any ideas for comics.
6/01/20-The theme for this set is "comics that needed at least 1 more panel to really work". The width of the paper I use is limiting me a bit. This is probably not the best time for a racist skeleton strip, but it was already done when the police riots started and I couldnt think of a replacement in time... hopefully noone gets mad at me. You can't really see, but the ARA guy's bandanna says 'Bel Mont' on it. Visual gag noone will notice: there is a peephole on the (presumably glass) door of the living glass house. Final panel of 588: zoomer adventurers are the first generation to grow up with respawn stones readily available, so they tend to screw around and get killed in funny ways deliberately.cy
5/04/20-Bleh, more comics. Pretty happy with this batch. I wanted to have one in Super Detention before the block attack, where all the other wacky detention kids showcase their gimmicks but couldn't really make it work. The block attack scenario is based on "Mr. Driller" an old Dreamcast game, and the format of the math blocks is based on "Everyday Genius: SquareLogic", a PC sudoku-like. This is probably the final installment of Isekai Cicada.
4/06/20-Quarantine isn't really helping with the comics output, due to the kids running around + screaming 24/7. Despite this, there's some comics. My first crack at chiaroscuro lizardman wasn't as good as I imagined but I'll get it next time a dumbass egg-themed man is howling in a tunnel and needs to be killed asap.
3/01/20-Wow! There's a kart dimension! and guys that can tell you what to do in dimensions! That situation really lends itself to a joke or three, huh???
2/02/20-I missed a month! Argh! Not surprising, but still disappointing. I kept getting sick... The jokes are kind of niche, I hope you enjoy them...
12/08/19-These were put off a week because I wasn't happy with them... A bunch of stuff came up at the end of the week so I didn't get to really polish them like I had hoped, but they are pretty good I think.
11/03/19-I was pretty sick this week, so I thought I wouldn't be able to get any comics done... especially since I only had 3 ideas and didn't really like any of them. But I pulled it out at the last minute, jokes are still pretty bad but there's something to like about each one I think...
10/06/19-These turned out ok. I thought the core jokes were pretty good though, so I wish the "connective tissue" had come together better. Oh well, you're not supposed to complain about this stuff! The last one is a bunch of notes from my list that I could never make work, so I just crammed em in. Halloween comes early for modern dracula. See you next month, rare people who read these updates!
9/02/19-Many technical problems with this one. I wouldn't have been able to post it on time if it weren't labor day, and it's a little late anyway. The progression on a few isn't as smooth as I'd like, especially the first, but it would have gotten bogged down if I used more panels to explain things. oh well.
8/05/19-I was out of town for 3 of the 4 weeks in this month, so I had to scramble to get these done. But I did it! "whew".
7/01/19-Woops I missed a month. Oh well,these ones are pretty good I think! too much art though, what the heck! Minor issues I wish I'd had time to work out: a true wonk would never encourage collective action to distribute concentrated wealth, and of course, the blocking is kind of all over the place, as usual.
5/06/19-Based on the use of the poison-puking skull spell, we can assume that the Lich is the same slutty witch-chan from pilgrime times! Whow what a reveal!
4/01/19-It's april fools day huh... whatever, I am not doing any thng for that. Looks like I managed to miss another month. I was sick for two weeks then one of my knees stopped working. Not very cool. I like this set pretty well though!
2/03/19-So I skipped a month... sorry if you were looking forward to some comics. There's more now
12/02/18-Last comics of the year! Hope you have enjoyed them! Hopefully more in January 7 or so...
11/05/18-Im souper tired... new comics are here... Theme is unwanted/uninvited dungeon guests///
10/07/18-cat spilled water on my wifes laptop, so i gave her the keyboard to this one, typing w/ the wacom virtual keyboard, but you cant use shift with it why am i making this commment so long, question mark.
09/09/18-well heres more comics. hope you like em.
08/05/18-It looked like I was gonna get my buffer back in shape, but some things came up, so its about the same as last time. Anyway here's this comics.
07/08/18-Kid jokes! I'm gradually using my buffer up, but I guess it wouldn't be hard to getit back if my motiation returns... My stamina for drawing has gone way down, maybe because I'm sitting at a computer and concentrating super hard at work a lot lately? So my shoulders and hands and brain are more tired than usual? Also I'm getiing old of course...
06/10/18-oh im sotired
05/14/18-Get aload of these guys!!?? First depiction of Chaos Merchant, wowie zowie!
04/09/18-JJ is my favorite gimmick character in a while. Was torn between "now thats what im t'orc'ing about" and "now thats what im oinking abt"... still not totally confident in my choice oh well.
03/11/18-Haven't been using the teens in comics as much so this was a fun little arc to do. I guess they'll sell the halberd? we'll see.
02/11/18-I wanted to include some kind of "Humpty Hump" joke in the first one here,butitprobably would have been bad anyway. Two of my favourite sets here also, Anime-kun + "RPGs where the standard trash-mobs from the first level are actually the player-characters, and, get this, the humans are actually the trash-mobs in the first level"
01/14/18-The theme for this month is dire consequences of letting yourself get horny. Also for those who have played the Warhammer: left 4 rat game, please read the virtue-knight guy in 3rd one's dialogue in the voice of Victor Saltzpyre.
12/11/17-Here's the latest batch of comics! I should probably write these when I finish the comics, rather than when I upload them, because I can't remember any of what I wanted to say. Oh well. These are probably the last comics of the year,but maybe I'll upload the next batch on xmas or something. Sneak away from your family to check this website obsessively, just in case.
11/12/17-So if you had been missing the main characters, or just noticed they hadn't been showing up since the universe was destroyed, breathe a sigh of relief, everything is back to normal.
10/15/17-In addition to the three flying sweats, I've also become interested in the snuffy smith-style lolling tongue. Expect more of that in the future.
09/17/17-Chopping into a wall-merged ass with a pickaxe has come up before, but here's a new twist on the formula. Hopefully I don't become known as the guy with the weird ass-mining fetish. Also there are some other comics
08/13/17-Like a lot of these dumb comics I have a whole extended universe thought out for the horny space teen who is the only remaining human, recovered from space wreckage by one of the only hard-working/ambitious space-cats as part of a program to ressurect the human race so they can take care of cats again, a program that was created mostly to get all the serious cats off planet so they don't annoy the normal, lazy cats. Who is continually lowering her standards so that, e.g. maggot boy would be ok to fuck but then he hatches into fly-man and doesn't even have proper genitals. I'll spare you the details, though.
07/17/17-Duuuuuhhhh... It's late... there isn't much to say about these dumb-ass comics. I like them pretty well.. Next batch in a month.
06/18/17-My intention here was to have some political comics or at least comics in the style of politcal comics. But, in keeping things abstract and ironically distant enough, I removed pretty much anything political about them. The only thing remaining is the naked contempt and hostility toward people who disagree with me on some abstract issue. Drawing graphic violence and suffering really helps me blow off steam, which, again, is almost certainly healthy. Psychology-wise I mean.
05/14/17-These are some of my favorite comics in a while. Several side-characters, long forgotten, now get another chance to shine, since the original cast and universe have been destroyed. The Kid Necromancer + Detective Kid team-up in particular is something I've wanted to do for a while. Also, I want to try to get a little more exposure for my stuff, so I want to cut up all the bad comic 4-packs into individual strips in separate "shareable" images, with a url tacked on maybe. And if I could figure out a way to make the site work well for phones that'd probably be a good idea.
04/16/17-Hey whats going on with the continuity!? Comic violence shouldn't have consequences. Next comic will be in a month or so, 5/16-ish. So take note of that, I guess, one person who reads this text.
04/02/17-"Whoops I accidentally killed several million peoples! live and learn". Hhere is the next set of comics. I managed to not catch up, but I'm going to update again in 2 weeks anyway. Does anyone read this text? If you read this say it to me in an email or on twitter. Wait do I even link to those on here???
03/05/17-Did I say march 4? I meant march 5 of course. I didn't manage to get another set done, so the next update will be in 4 weeks, April 2 or something like that. I had an idea for comics that wasn't funny but I just couldn't move past it, so I've been tryink to work in enough side jokes to make them worth the time. Regarding the gags in this update, you all remember the "rat lord" character introduced in one strip 4 years ago, right. and how he wanted a cheer leader. Whattt??? no?? here are links: 1, 2. Oh, it was 6 years haha good grief
02/19/17-The orc-watching gunman is from the party of hipster adventurers that have been featured here several times. In the past I forgot to draw his tatoos, and I didn't want to cos its a pain, but it seemed necessary to the character even though it's pretty much an extra so who cares?? any way, I have two more sets done in the "buffer" so let's say the next update will be March 4?? ok?
01/22/17-Oh, I misremembered when I uploaded last. I finished the next batch a while ago, but wanted to get onto a regular schedule. Anyway, there will definitely be more comics about 1 month from now, unless I become homeless or die or what have you.
12/16/16-Well, it was not quicker. This batch was, in fact, slower. I should have just spent my buffer a month ago, then I'd have a decent continuity. But at a month per update it doesn't make much difference huh. Anyway the power-level revue is one of my best gags in a long time, imo. Also I have never actually seen The Parallax View. ALSO!! I noticed a terrible mistake! In swapping two comics between batches, somehow one didn't take, so there was a duplication! I fixed the image and uploaded it, but right now at least the server is insisting on showing me the old one, so who knows...... ..
OK it worked, here is the link to modified comic: "The Classic Link Text"
10/03/16-I finished another batch of comics for the buffer so here's this one, my favorite of the 3, probably. That's the stilll-beating heart of Trolleyman Beireia has in the second one. (spoilers!) uuuuhhh... I can't think of anything else to say, hopefully I can get the next batch out quicker.
09/11/16-...And then an even longer gap! Gah! Well, basically the domestic situation had gradually developed to where I couldnt do comics at all, then about a month ago I, not to over-share, got a prescription for adderall and now I can make comics again. I have a full other set ready to upload - what is known in the webcomics biz as a "buffer". Anyway! hopefully this will usher in a new era of comics, but at the very least you've got one more set to look forward to!
02/03/16-Whoa! such a long time! The computer I used to handle comics finally went down for the last time. (it's from 2006) So, I bought a newer one (2008) on ebay, which took a while. But I finally got it properly working! And even the scanner, which is even older, works! So, here are some comics! I saw the new star wars and was inspired by the JJ Abrams-style fast-paced story developments that make sense scene-to-scene, but not so much if you think back a few. Hence, Dark Brandon. One thing that I haven't been able to get working again is pngcrush, which used to cut the filesize in half from photoshop's bloated codec (or whatever it is). I don't know if anyone cares in this day n age, but I'll still try to get it down.
10/11/15-Bweh! comics. The first one requires you to remember the last set, from 3 months ago, and the last one, I don't think there's anyone else in the world who studies anole threat displays enough to enjoy that but whatever! I wanted to do it
07/26/15-Gee whiz, it's been a long time. This batch was a lot of fun to do, but... I don't know if other entities will enjoy them... the lack of a real joke structure / a punchline is a common theme in Irritability, but it's taken kind of to an extreme here. Oh well! That's what I like to do, presumably you wouldn't be here if you minded! I will try to have the next batch done sooner this time.
05/26/15-Wah! Sorry it's been so long! I've been focusing more on other projects but it'll still be a long time before any of them are ready to show. Hope you like these comics! I think they are some of the least accessible I've done in awhile! I always swing back and forth on how I feel about strips though, maybe these are same as normal.
04/02/15-Blugh, I tried to get these out 11:59 on March 31, but it didn't quite happen. I like these ones, i.e. they are dumb as hell. enjoy (tilde key is broken)
01/31/15-Haw! I made it a point to squeeze out an update before the end of Jamuary, and I did it! I'm to drunk and tired to put anything useful here, though. I'll come back later.
12/02/14-Wow! Only a month between updates! I want to try to spend the rest of the year in a vain attempt to get a regular strip up before this 2014 is over, but the script I have is pretty long and a bit art-intensive, so don't hold your breath. You shouldn't try to hold your breath for 29 days or whatever, anyway. These comics... I am really fond of the ideas in each one but... I had to use so many damn words and the core of the gags still isn't really conveyed well in any of them... Oh well, I am still pretty happy with em. I think I had sometihng more to say? can't remember. watch this space for more words, maybe.
11/02/14-haha well, here are some more comics! I kind of want to make a animation for Chappy's spinning jump attck. Probably I should use any time I can on more comics. Speaking of which, sorry these took so long, but there's not much else that I could have done... I didn't have any ideas I liked!! also, we got sick a few times, kids, etc. excuses excuses.
9/01/14-I wanted to have these done yesterday so I could say "at least I didn't let a whole month pass without posting anything", but that's not how things turned out. With a lot of comics I first decide what's going to happen and then I try to figure out how to make it funny. And in others I have a punnish phrase I want to say and have to come up with the convoluted setup. Both of these types are represented here, try 2 figure out which is which!! There was something else I wanted to say here, but as usual, it's late and I'm tired and don't remember. Oh yeah, this is the second time Chappy has met an alternate version of himself. I was going to have dimensional warlord version mention that Exoth had, in their timeline, died young, and it would be implied that, without him around to lean on for smarts, Chapy had to develop competence, so he xuccedeed the throne instead of Velel, conquered the planet + other dimensions, etc. But I din't have space for it.
7/14/14-Well well well. look who's still alive and made some comics. So many stupid things happened to prevent these strips from being realized. For the last three weeks we've all been pretty sick and I still am. Anyway, hopefully this one long delay will just be a fluke. I think my rss doesn't work anymore though, I don't know what to do about that...