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01/31/15-Haw! I made it a point to squeeze out an update before the end of Jamuary, and I did it! I'm to drunk and tired to put anything useful here, though. I'll come back later.
12/02/14-Wow! Only a month between updates! I want to try to spend the rest of the year in a vain attempt to get a regular strip up before this 2014 is over, but the script I have is pretty long and a bit art-intensive, so don't hold your breath. You shouldn't try to hold your breath for 29 days or whatever, anyway. These comics... I am really fond of the ideas in each one but... I had to use so many damn words and the core of the gags still isn't really conveyed well in any of them... Oh well, I am still pretty happy with em. I think I had sometihng more to say? can't remember. watch this space for more words, maybe.
11/02/14-haha well, here are some more comics! I kind of want to make a animation for Chappy's spinning jump attck. Probably I should use any time I can on more comics. Speaking of which, sorry these took so long, but there's not much else that I could have done... I didn't have any ideas I liked!! also, we got sick a few times, kids, etc. excuses excuses.
9/01/14-I wanted to have these done yesterday so I could say "at least I didn't let a whole month pass without posting anything", but that's not how things turned out. With a lot of comics I first decide what's going to happen and then I try to figure out how to make it funny. And in others I have a punnish phrase I want to say and have to come up with the convoluted setup. Both of these types are represented here, try 2 figure out which is which!! There was something else I wanted to say here, but as usual, it's late and I'm tired and don't remember. Oh yeah, this is the second time Chappy has met an alternate version of himself. I was going to have dimensional warlord version mention that Exoth had, in their timeline, died young, and it would be implied that, without him around to lean on for smarts, Chapy had to develop competence, so he xuccedeed the throne instead of Velel, conquered the planet + other dimensions, etc. But I din't have space for it.
7/14/14-Well well well. look who's still alive and made some comics. So many stupid things happened to prevent these strips from being realized. For the last three weeks we've all been pretty sick and I still am. Anyway, hopefully this one long delay will just be a fluke. I think my rss doesn't work anymore though, I don't know what to do about that...