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4/13/14-These would have been up last week, but some emergencies happened.
4/01/14-A few factors have come together to prevent me from getting anything done. Having two kids to keep up with is, of course, a big part, and as it warms up I'm spending a lot more time in the garden. (I have a garden now) I've also just not really been feeling like it. In the past I'd just put my head down and do it anyway, but I've got too many other projects going right now. Anyway, I'm still working on more! Slowly.
2/02/14-I'm more than a bit horrified that it's been so long since I did any comics... but it doesn't really help to keep complaining about it. I like this batch pretty well, even though none of them worked out qui~ite like I hoped. Also, that femur is anatomically incorrect... The adventurers in the last one have shown up a fewe times before. I designed them right after the dungeon arc started, they were meant to look like sort of a 'hipster' team, but without using the most overused stereotypes. I don't really get that vibe from them much at all anymore, but whatever. Designing the adventurer teams that come in is a lot of fun, I need to come up with some kind of gimmick like a tournament or whatever so I can bring in a whole bunch of em without any Well, anyway, thanks for sticking around during that long dry spell, hopefully it won't be so long till next time!
1/21/14-Gosh, I haven't done anything in a while, huh? So I had another kid Dec. 17th, and we've been a bit busy since then. Also there are still a lot of complications from the move that I'll need to figure out before I can get into a good work groove. That said, I do have pencils done for a set of bad comics that I'm pretty happy with. I don't like making promises that I'll likely only kind-of keep, but that pressure seems to be the most reliable way to get myself to work. So sorry, Dear Readers, I'm violating Kant's categorical imperative on you here.
11/26/13-There, it's done. The first regular-type Irritability since...14 months ago to the day?? A lot of the panels turned out way better than I thought they would from the block colors. This new (in terms of comics I've done with it) method works pretty well I think? It's a shame I haven't developed it more. As for the joke, looking at it from more than a year after I wrote it, I'm not sure if the "forbidden love between vampire and werewolf"-cliche is as solid a foundation as I thought. And I'm also unsure how well the "weregiraffe => long-ass neck => mega hott 4 vampz" logic is communicated. There should be another little panel before Larry's heart reaction shot where it's just her neck with a word balloon coming down from out of the shot. Oh well.
11/25/13-Okay, as promised, here is SOMETHING. It's a Scarry Larry(sp?) comic that I started for Halloween last year, that is to say, it is a comic I've been sitting on for most of a year. And it's still not done! But I said I'd put something up, and so here it is. I'll finish it later today or tomorrow.
11/18/13-Some explanation: We bought a house in october and have been running around dealing with house stuff pretty much since the last update. Things are finally starting to settle down, but the computer I use for comics stuff is giving me all sorts of trouble. I'll try and have SOMETHING to upload next weekend. But either way, I'm still alive, don't worry!
9/25/13-ok, I did it.
9/23/13-BAAAARF! I have another set of comics aaaaaalmost done. but its not quite done. sometime early this week, I hope.
7/08/13-More comics! hoo-ray! I feel like some of these ideas are pretty good, wish the execution was a bit better tho...
6/04/13-here's one of the things I've been working on instead of the comic. Also, I like ebbits.
5/27/13-I uploaded these like three weeks ago but was too tired/ugh/etc. to do the other website stuff. As usual, sorry.
4/21/13-After waiting so long these comics better be good right?? well... eh, that is to say... I hope you think the stupid-looking ambulatory castle-man is intrinsically funny or you will perhaps be disappointed. And what is with the Dire Straits reference?? like a hip webcomic-reading teen is going to know about that. Forget remembering the 90s this isn't even the 80s!! sheesh. I wanted to have stuff up much earlier but a whole bunch of bullshit occurred, figuratively speaking, of course. Mainly we all had the flu for like 3 weeks, (in fact I'm still hacking up horrid things several times an hour) and, well, you know how it goes. Since it's likely this update is going to sit up here for a good while, let me recommend the comics of "A.D.", which can be found more or less here. You can read them in the mean time
3/18/13-Some more bad comics here! That's right I drew em. I have a regular comic that I've been nearly done on for a long time, but it's been so long I kinda don't like it any more and don't want to work on it, plus I don't have the concentration available required for careful inking these days. I dunno. I should probably switch to full-page comics with bad comic-style inking.
2/25/13-I managed to get this update out less than a month after the last one, so that is something. I really don't get why so many of my comics, rather than providing setup followed by a punchline, throw the joke right out there and only afterward justify the situation with those weird epilogue panels which may, as in the case of 343, be way more eventful than the joke panels which are the reason the whole comic exists in the first place!! Even when I manage to get the joke into the last panel, there's usually some supporting character blurting out "oh ok" or something immediately after the punch-line. This isn't some conscious stylistic decision, in fact I actively try to avoid it, but the jokes always present an unresolved social situation that I feel strongly compelled to "close", if only a bit. It's weird to me that I don't really see anyone else doing that in comics, but I do it so so often. let me know if you know of other people who do the same thing, I guess, assuming any of what I said makes sense at all.
2/24/13-whao more comics!?!? yes. I'm tired, more words later. I'm so out of comics-shape, my arm-hand cramps up if I ink more than like 4 panels in one go. ugh.
2/19/13-A Note On The Lack Of Updates - Since new year's I've been almost continuously sick, working nearly every weekend, and taking a greater portion of child care duties. The remaining discretionary time I have is broken into sub-hour chunks and mostly spent on brainless stress-relief stuff. I'm still drawing, but it's on a project that takes to bit-by-bit time investments better than comics. I'm planning on getting back into a regular schedule once work slows down or I stop getting sick (or both!) but for now I just want to say I'm alive, doing fine in fact!
1/28/13-I managed to squeeze into the January deadline, only one whole calendar month without any updates. I'm not exactly sure why I wanted to do a bunch of Furby comics. My cousins used to be obsessed with Furbies and stage 'Furby Wars', the brutality of which really captured my imagination. To the point where I'm still interested while the originating cousins are no longer children and have zero interest in furbies. Can't wait to be the weirdo uncle.
11/19/12-Sorry it's been so long. These are unusually wordy. I'm pretty happy with the idea behind each one, but the execution could have been better. I guess I should just be happy I managed ot get anything done at all.
09/26/12-Hey, sorry I haven't been putting anything up. I've been very busy with work and baby. Also I've been working on some non-comic stuff. I'll be back soon with more content though!
09/09/12-I could have had this done earlier, but I wanted that color comic I put so much work into to stay up longer.
08/26/12-All of the hard panels I thought would flop turned out great, and the easy panels look all stiff and goofy. How ~~ironic~~. By the way, that is fansubbed Law & Order anime they are watching in p7.
08/20/12-Uuuurgh, I have a regular comic very close to done, but it's been just delay after delay and I think that may continue for a while.
07/29/12-I have some more bad comics almost ready, but I ended up needing to spend a lot more time at work today than I thought I would and so it's gonna stay almost ready until tomorrow, sorry!
07/01/12-I'll clean this up a bit more before I publish to rss, but it's pretty much done.
07/06/12-Durr, whups. I was almost done but then I lost it all in a power outage that apparently lasted more than 20 minutes? I bought a pretty big UPS because the power here is so bad, but it wasn't big enough?? frick! So I was mad and didn't finish this one for almost a whole week. How unprofessional. Well, I'm not a professional, after all.
06/14/12-Sorry, but I didn't even recover fully from my bronchitis before I got some kind of stomach flu. I've been working on some comics but they still aren't quite done... Hopefully tuesday?
05/28/12-Well this is it. For the last month or more, either Liz or I have been really sick, so I have not been able to work on comics much. I'm still sick now, so I don't know if I'll be able to speed things up anytime soon. I'll at least try not to take on any individual projects of such length for the time being. I didn't mean for this one to be so long either, it just sort of kept wanting to go on...
05/21/12-OK, it is ALMOST done. Should be up later this week. Thanks for your patience everyone...
05/14/12-Whoops, almost forgot to upload this! The third third is a lot easier, I'm half done with the inks already. There's an offside chance I could finish it next week. The colors on this part worked out a lot better than I was expecting. Still not great, but getting better at matching the feel of the inks.
04/22/12-Okay, here is uh. the first third. What the hell am I doing. I wanted to make the colors a bit fancier, but as usual I got sick or something and slept all weekend. We'll see how the rest goes...
04/30/12-Almost, but not quite done w/ the next third. Been getting a lot of traffic to that 9/11 chess set pic from way back, so I guess I'll put up some more random images at Four.
04/22/12-Okay, here is uh. the first third. What the hell am I doing. I wanted to make the colors a bit fancier, but as usual I got sick or something and slept all weekend. We'll see how the rest goes...
04/15/12-Regular comic is soo close to bein done! (the 1/3 of it I was going to post tonite, anyway) But, Liz had to go to a conference and I'm watching the Roan all by myself, no time for comics. I'll def. have something next week though.
04/09/12-I've been really sick or something, I sleep all the time and don't have energy. I am chipping away at a regular comic, but it won't be done this week, at the very least. sorry.
04/03/12-Hm, these are... bad comics???
02/13/12-Hey guess who's a loser and still doesn't have any comics ready. I'm almost done w/ some bad comics, though, they should be up later in the week. I don't have anyone to help me watch the baby right now, so I'm pretty run down 24-7
02/05/12-ughughugh. Sorry, but I haven't felt like making comics much lately... Maybe look at supermega comics in the meantime? I don't think I've linked that ever.
01/17/12-I got super sick for a few days so this is behind schedule. With these comics I tried out a new way of handling the pencils and it works really well, so that's cool. I don't know if I'm really going to continue the post-apocalypse garfield. We'll see.
Oh! and please check out lamezine and consider buying it!?? Partydogge is a funny cool dude!

01/09/12-Welcome back! I finally figured something out, as far as color goes. It looks better and is faster than the old way. It's made me conisder using traditional media for the colors, digital media is pretty slow for me. Also it may not surprise you to learn that I did NOT get any kind of buffer built up over the holiday. I am going to stop with the partial updates though. Well, mostly. If I think up something to add later, I'll do it.
12/02/11-I spent a lot of time trying to color this comic and was really unhappy with the results. In fact, I haven't been very happy with how the color comics look for a while. I want to take some time to figure out something that looks nice. I also would like to start keeping a buffer so the updates are actually regular, and quit with the partial uploads, etc. So! I'm not going to update until January 9 next year, though I'm still working on stuff. See you then!
11/21/11-duhh duuh durr color later I guess? happ thxgiving for americans~~
10/24/11-Update - the colors are almost done! Monday night, or Tuesday night at the latest.
10/21/11-Okay here is the big stupid thing I've been working on all these months... totally destroying the layout of the site. I put so much effort in and the basic premise is SO dumb... arg.. There are a lot of parts I like, but I can't help feeling like I could have spent that time better. I'm going to at least try to color it... we'll see.
10/24/11-Update - the colors are almost done! Monday night, or Tuesday night at the latest.
10/21/11-Okay here is the big stupid thing I've been working on all these months... totally destroying the layout of the site. I put so much effort in and the basic premise is SO dumb... arg.. There are a lot of parts I like, but I can't help feeling like I could have spent that time better. I'm going to at least try to color it... we'll see.
10/17/11-Not catching any kind of break here, time-wise. I'll have something big up later in the week, although it won't be finished...
10/10/11-Getting things together, still can't find my pencil sharpener... microTAS was pretty cool, here's another comic. I disliked the cube one right after I finished it, but now I really like it~~
10/01/11-Well uh the move is more or less finished but I still cant find some of my art stuff, my desk exploded, and I have a conference in seattle all next week. stuff.
09/12/11-Ugh Sorry! I've got a ton of good ideas, but no time/energy to work on em. Once we've moved I should be able to put a lot more time into comics again.............
09/06/11-Head-Leg Voltrons up. wow cool! I can probably finish off that last set of bad comics before the move, then there will probably be two weeks before I can work on anything again.
08/28/11-Hell. Yes. another comic. more thru the week. leaving links up:
SuperMutant Magic Academy
uhh some comics
Murder Dog IV (video game (short))
Dracula Heat Wave (another short video game)
08/17/11-Okay here is another set. Been having a hard time working on comics lately. Baby doesn't want to sleep and it takes like an hour to convince her to, after that I'm wiped.
08/07/11-I was mostly working on the next regular comic but it's taking a long time. I have 3 pages done and I'm about halfway through the fourth... I may be super busy over the next two months or so... but after that I'll be uh unemployed so I should have lots of time to catch up on comics.
Oh also some pics up on Four. 08/02/11-Okay this batch is done. Now maybe I can get some work done on a real comic.
08/01/11-I'm scum, I'm a worm, I'm hell, I'm a sewer ratt, etc.
07/28/11-Ugh these are awful. Better than nothing though. (?)
07/24/11-Sorry about the delays. Things have been exhausting. Bad comics up throughout the week.
07/13/11-Okay here are some more bad comics I hope you like them.
07/04/11-Augh I suddenly realized I hate all the comic scripts I was going to use
06/30/11-Okay, here it is with color! As usual I would have liked to put a bit more work into it but it looks pretty good I think! I may touch it up a little later. And! While we are on the topic of organs please look at monster pulse! This is by Magnolia Pearl, she did bobwhite and the good thief, both of which I linked and you should also read if you haven't already. That's about it, I guess? Oh! credit where it's due, I got a lot of help from the palettes section of colourlovers. That is a great resource by the way!!
06/26/11-I got a little carried away with the detail on this one, so I didn't have time to do the colors. I intended this to be a pretty color-critical one but it looks ok as is. I'll try to get it colored by... thursday?? maybe. Also it looks like my apology for last week didn't get uploaded, true to form. I'm still a little sick, btw!
06/26/11-I got a little carried away with the detail on this one, so I didn't have time to do the colors. I intended this to be a pretty color-critical one but it looks ok as is. I'll try to get it colored by... thursday?? maybe. Also it looks like my apology for last week didn't get uploaded, true to form. I'm still a little sick, btw!
06/20/11-I'm really sorry, but I had strep throat or something all week and didn't work on the comic much.
06/06/11-Oh, teens, you know I'm just funnin ya re: sentience. Let's make "ass-helmet" the new butt-headgear-based insult for summer 2011.
06/06/11-Baby crabby no sleep week sorry not comic. Pilgrime:
05/24/11-I thought I'd be able to finish the regular comic I've been working on since it was the long weekend, but the baby had other plans, as did the shitty apartment. Here's a bad comic I did at the last minute, at least one more will be done later in the week.
05/24/11-Another two-comic update? and almost on time? Never mind that four of these a week would be reasonable. I have a baby you know.
05/16/11-Totally amazing update that's on time and has two whole comics in it even! Wow. Let's make "I'm shootin it bro" the new bro-based catchphrase for summer 2011.
05/10/11-Ugh. Had a real bad stomach flu. Lots of stuff has been going on, hopefully I'll be able to step up the comic production a bit.
04/23/11-A new comic. Hopefully this isn't an actual pokemon. I also tweaked 253 a bit to switch one of the non-jokes at the end out for an inoffensively mediocre joke. Now the first panel doesn't flow as well into the second, but that's as much time as I'm willing to spend on this one.
04/20/11-I got some other stuff done besides this bad comic, but it's not quite ready yet. Also the site was down for a few days and I didn't notice! Whoops.
04/12/11-I'm on paternity leave now, not sure if that will help with comic output. Take care of baby isn't hard but its difficult to do other things.
03/21/11-Owl be asking the questions around here.
03/06/11-My daughter, Ronan Annette Woodson (RAW) was born March 1.
(Barf Certificate joke stolen from space_info on twitter)
02/20/11-Tank World. These took a while to come out, and I'm afraid I'm going to slow down a bit more on the output in the coming few months at least. I have a few more personal projects (including an old research article I never submitted for publication!) that have been sitting around way too long and need to get finished. I'm still going to do comics, just not quite as much. Now might be a good time to get on the RSS feed, or follow me on twitter.
02/08/11-Here are some more bad comics. I was maybe too sloppy on the first three, I want to get faster though, so I have to get used to going quick. Next is some more tank world.
02/01/11-Here it is. None of the panels I had high hopes for turned out very well, though nothing's really terrible. Still, my inking style and coloring style are really un-complimentarty! I don't know what to do! I'm thinking about just doing the pencils for real and everything else digitally, no separate colors and inks.. But inking is my favorite part! Hm! Also I had stopped playing demons souls for several months cause I couldn't get past the damn maneaters. I tried again and I still cant even though the tendency was way lighter. what the heck
01/31/11-I was way ahead of schedule then all of a sudden it was midnight and I wasn't done! UFO abduction?...? Anyway, a few of the panels are going to take some doing, but hopefully it will be done tomorrow. Tuesday night is more likely.
01/25/11-The next comic's delayed till next week, sorry I forgot to post that here till now.
01/19/11-This one took a lot longer than I expected. I'm slow. The colors turned out ok, but they took too long and some of the saturations are way too high. Also I got on twitter but so far I haven't done much. Source of extra jokes: link
01/10/11-Sorry I been slow. I had a lot of these interview comics planned out, was gonna do em all at once originally, and when I broke them up into individuals I noticed they didn't really have jokes! A bit of an omission. So it took me longer to fix that. Colors tomorrow, I think.
12/18/10-Why was 6 afraid of 7?? Not the best colors here but it's not an art-heavy comic so it'll do. I really need to come up with a coloring style that actually compliments my inks. I was really pleased with this gimmick for the troll guy, had a hard time finding a non-terrible way to describe it in the comic. Panels are a bit crowded here, oh well.
12/12/10-I'm not done with the first interview comic yet, so here are some pics from work. Pretty cool, imo. I'll probably have the inks up tomorrow night and the colors..? Saturday at the latest. There won't be anything after that until ~Jan. 8 or so.
12/06/10-I haven't been spending enough time on the comc lately, sorry. I'm not even done with the color here, sheesh! It's almost done though, I should be able to wrap it up monday night. I tried a few things here, as usual they didn't work super well, but I learned and also I don't think they completely fell flat either. I'm about halfway done with the inks on the next comic, it was going to be attached to this one but I later decided to split them up differently. So I had to come up with a ending gag for this one and had to go with another "C asks wacky question, B sez no" punchline.
11/25/10-New videogame for fall 2016! Pilgrimes want to hold a feast to honor their god, but are under constant attack by naughty witches, lethal turkeys, krackens, mole men, plague, and millipedes! Defend your crops, befriend allies, and gain powerful buckles! Pilgrimes Harvest.
11/11/10-Another look into the terrifying (?) world of tank world, where the only verb is shoot. I've got at least four more planned, but before that is the next regular comic. I don't think I'll be able to finish it this weekend, hopefully next one though!
11/01/10-Haha, woops! I forgot to upload the comic last night. Maybe you wish I had continued to forget about it? because it isn't good? Anyway, Liz and I are having a baby in February, so preparations for that are taking up a lot of my time and energy. I'll get some tank worlds up during the week, and after that I'll do the follow-up to that last color comic. Don't forget to vote, Americans!
10/13/10-Okay, I'm done. They aren't really funny but I was compelled to do this. Thanks for bearing with me.
10/03/10-Whoa it's done!! This is actually about half the size I had originally intended, by the way... I'm going to do the next half soon, but I've been getting a bit behind at work so I'm going to need to spend more time there so I won't be able to focus on this. I'll finish up the badcomics batch I've been working on and have that up next week, and probably another batch after that. We'll have to see about the next color strip though, I'm really busy lately. I haven't even been able to play civ5 at all, let alone demons souls. And now my friends are playing minecraft????
9/27/10-Hey where's the comic??? I ended up buying civ 5 after all, and even if I hadn't, this one's really huge. It's going to take a hwile to color it. I'm going to try to have it done sometime this week, but I doubt I'll be able to pull it off. As such I'll do another bad comic to put up tomorrow. The main one will be really cool when I'm done though!!
9/19/10-I started on the next irritability, but it ended up really huge. It's not even close to done. I feel bad not putting anything up, so I'll do some bad comics in the meantime. Starting tomorrow, though.
9/13/10-These were a lot of fun to write. Some of them were a real pain to draw, though it might not show to look at. Also it looks like my wife is going to have to take demons souls back to work at the end of the week and there's no way I'll be done by then! Civ 5 will be released shortly thereafter though so I suppose it's just as well.
9/06/10-More Tankworld comics! I might do more some other time. Also, it looks like I won't be going to SPX after all! too bad...
9/05/10-I was visiting folks and didn't get these all done on time unfortunately. I've been waiting a long time to do these, but I didn't realize how much space all that narration would take up, so now the pictures are super cramped, kind of disappointing. I'll maybe have the next two up tomorrow morning, since it's labor day. Also, I might be at SPX next weekend, I don't know for sure yet. When I say I might be there, I mean walking around. I definitely won't have a table.
8/31/10-Okay that's that. Some bad comics then I'll start doing regular irritability again. Demons souls is really hard, by the way.
8/24/10-Only one more left of the goblin genocide teen imperialism story. I'm really ready for it to be over, though I don't think it's gone on too long in terms of page space, it's been nearly six months since it started... Anyway, panel four turned out a lot better than I had expected, and five was kind of fun.
8/11/10-This took way longer than I expected because of all the shading. I still need to touch a few things up, so I'll publish to rss tomorrow.
8/08/10-Well, I couldn't figure out where to go with the story until late, then I felt too crummy to finish the actual drawings. I'll try to have the first half up monday night, and the second half... wednesday??
8/01/10-I got complained to about the negative tone in these newsposts, so I'll try to be more positive here. It's good timing, because actually all four of these panels turned out a lot better than I was expecting. Now that I try it though, I'm uncomfortable without complaining, so I'll mention that the ad-hoc horizon of the goblin city in the right side of panel 1 turned out to be impractical for the left half - details of the building breaking up would have been lost and the energy of the panel would have been messed up. So there's an annoying mismatch there, but I might be able to correct that later when I put the next four panels up, probably tomorrow.
7/25/10-I had it done-ish on monday, but I wasn't happy with that last panel and decided to touch it up, even though these strips are supposed to be rush jobs. It still has a lot of problems, I know how I would make it work with color, but I'm kind of at a loss to make things stand out from each other in b+w in this situation.
7/18/10-EDIT2 - Well sorry about all this. We just finished moving today but then the power went out! And I can't find all my supplies and I'm sick etc. It's a perfect storm of me not being able to work on a comic. Next week for sure though!!
7/08/10-EDIT - I forgot I have to move this weekend. There probably won't be a comic, because of that! But there might.
7/05/10-Was gonna have a double up here today, but it won't really work broken up like that. I have a head start on next week though!
6/20/10-Woops! I forgot to want to do a comic this week.
6/15/10-sry I'm drunk, pint nite at tyler's favored coworker leaves for intel etc. 2nd half is 75% done! but my feet are sore and I can't go on
6/13/10-UUUUUgh. I wanted to have a double-size ready today, but I've got a big conference call tomorrow that I've needed to prepare for, so there wasn't time. I'll finish it this week though! probably tomorrow or tuesday. My allergies are flaring up big time though, I hope it doesn't interfere with my presentation.
5/31/10-I really wasn't happy with this one when it was just pencils, but the inks turned out okay. I feeel like I'm running out of steam on this story, I don't know why I thought I'd be able to get it done quickly. Uuughghh.
5/16/10-I've been sick this week, so no new comic.
5/11/10-As soon as the graphic violence arrived my enthusiasm came back in full force, and I had the pencils completely done by wednesday, ahead of schedule for once! Then things happened and of course it wasn't finished at the appointed time. Gosh!
3/30/10-So I'm going to Japan on the 31st for a wedding. Getting ready for that is part of the reason I've been moving so slow on this comic, and being out of the country will be the reason I won't update this site for the next 2 weeks. I have mixed feelings about the monster killers-like feel to the map of the equipsulator, since I'm not nearly as good as j. chastain is at that sort of thing. oh well! This story will go on for at least two more of this size comics then back to normal.
3/23/10-Ah crap, I just realized I forgot a panel! Between the 1st and 2nd, there should be another one, which would allow for a smoother transition. I'll insert it tomorrow I guess!
e: okay it's there now.
3/21/10-This is the finished version. With this one I wanted to try just using pencil, in part because I had been reading blade of the immortal and in part because I thought I could get a lot more done. I'd been wanting to do an Adrianna adventure, but it would necessarily be alot longer than usual. I eventually figured it would only work if I sped it up drastically by doing pencil. The first set I uploaded though was just unacceptibly low quality, even though it looked ok irl the scanner is crummy I guess. Also, this is drawn alot bigger than normal, on 14 x 22" paper. I'll be uploading bits of the next one gradually throughout the week. I don't know why I'm so lazy lately.
3/15/10-Things kept coming up. With this one I wanted to try just using pencil, in part because I had been reading blade of the immortal and in part because I thought I could get a lot more done. And I intend to! I want to have double or triple the # of panels here by the end of the week. Also, this is drawn alot bigger than normal, on 14 x 22" paper.
3/05/10-These are late because I was sick! I thougt it was flu, but I guess not since I go over it so fast. These are all gross-out themed comics. The Toadfish character is from the fictional British television program "Neighbors" in TV go home. Also there are some pics from work at Four. For a comic link, here's Nature of Nature's Art. Also, there are some other projects I want to work on a little, so I'm skipping next week's update.
2/21/10-Okay. There's loads I wanted to add to this but I have to draw the line. It took way too much of my week. Hopefully the wait was worth it. The top row is probably heavily influenced by Perfect Stars though I wasn't really thinking about it at the time.
2/14/10-I have about a full comics worth of material done for the next dungeon strip. But there's another double-sized strip worth of material that needs to be done before it's complete. What there is really doesn't stand on its own, so there won't be an update until next week. That one'll be really huge though!
2/07/10-I'm putting the dungeon strip off a bit more. The woodchuck motto thing isn't quite made up, that's a paraphrased quote from a groundhog trainer. [cite] Woodchucks are basically groundhogs, imo.
2/01/10-Originally I was going to do another dungeon strip, but that one is 11 panels long, and I just didn't have the energy. This one was a nice change of pace. I wanted to noodle around with the backgrounds a bit more, but I'm tired from chopping ice and hurling snow-boulders, so I'll publish like this.
1/26/10-here are some bad jokes, mostly about Video Games, I hope you like them. I am trying to reduce the amount of words in my comics, hopefully they can still be understood easily! Also I'm spending more time on the art which sort of goes against the philosophy of these things, but it is all for the purpose of getting better at my arts. Here is a link to real cane sugar which is a comic which I like. The art especially! but it's scratchy which some people don't like I guess.
1/17/10-UUUUUUUUUUUUUUGHHHHHGHH. I'm really sorry this has been delayed so much, and that there isn't an entirely new comic up for this week, but I've been sick for the last three weeks or so and that kind of came to a head around tuesday. No its not swine flu. To illustrate how I've felt, today I horked up a glob of hardened mucus about the size of my thumb, the color of orange juice and finely marbled with blood. Anyway. While I don't regret the change to using color, a bad side is that I will probably never again feel like I've made the comic as good as I could. There will always be a million extra touches that would make it noticeably better, but there's nowhere near enough time to do them all so I just have to pick a point at which it's good enough. That's more than a little frustrating. I can only imagine what it's like for animators.
1/11/10-I was pretty much on schedule, but then I ended up watching like 7 episodes of Dexter. Liz insisted so I'd like to blame it on her, but I didn't argue. 2nd half should go up tomorrow, and colors sometime later this week?? Or maybe a different order. Somehting tomorrow, tho.
1/02/10-I had wanted to get these last two done before the new year, but not badly enough to actually get it done, I guess. We ended up spending not much time in TX, which sucks. And I didn't even come close to finishing the xmas presents I mentioned working on. Oh well.
12/13/09-Boy, you really get what you pay for with these free webcomics.
12/06/09-Well there's only one, but that's better than nothing right?
11/25/09-And that's 200! I intend to keep going with the bad comics though, they're too easy and fun. I think I'll have to reorganize the way they are stored on the site, though. Also I am going to probably be spending the rest of the year working on xmas presents, so updates here will be slowed down even furnther. I'll try to get some kind of new material up every week until I leave for TX, though. Like two bad comics or a bonus material for a regular strip or something.
11/16/09-I never know if I'm putting the right level of detail into the colors. Or the inks, for that matter. I draw everything so much bigger than it ends up on the internet. In theory it's fine to have detail lost when the image shrinks, I think it makes the scenes, etc. look more realistic. In practice it doesn't look that good when I do it. Now that I'm typing this, I realize I probably should do that stuff with a fine marker rather than try to brush it out.
11/08/09-Alright, it's clear I'm not going to get this one done tonight. I expected it to work as a single-strip, but I ended up having to go full-page. Also I want to make all the skeletons anatomically correct, or at least closer. Hopefully I'll have it done tomorrow night, but if I decide to make it color I'll have to put it off until next week. Sorry if that's the case!
11/02/09-Okay, the penultimate set of bad comics is complete! Though actually I'll probably keep doing them past 200. Anyway, I had fun doing this set especially.
10/26/09-I finished the color. I wish I was better with complex lighting, but I'm getting better at a decent pace, so I can't complain. This one was a pain to write, surprisingly! All the concepts are so rushed! And the white dialogue balloons crowding in spoil a lot of the impact from the lighting. Oh well! can't be helped.
10/18/09-I was working on some things for my wife's birthday and couldn't figure out what to do for the next comic in time. I was requested to do a snid, however, so there is something. In this one he bullies the internet-infamous Christian Weston Chandler, aka chris-chan. link
10/13/09-Okay here's the comic. There's more I could do, but it's time to let go. As a general comment on updates and their timeliness, my social life has become a lot more busy these last couple of months. Regular updates are predicated on me having a lot of time (I spent more than 17 h. on this one) with nothing better to do, so this sort of thing is going to continue unless I figure out how to draw twice as fast or something.
10/06/09-I procrastinated and had to hastily crank out these bad comics. I'm not real happy with them, to the point that I stopped after three. But, now it's tomorrow, and I've added another one, which I kind of like. For other comics, here's one that has pretty bad art, ms paint-style even, but I like because it has thoroughly thought out, really weird creatures and situations. It's not for everyone though. Hitmen for Destiny.
09/28/09-Back to the dungeon. In the past, multi-strip storylines have been indulgences that were detrimental to the quality of the comic. This is the first one that I feel like it works. Maybe because it's more of a theme than a story? For a link, here's Lucid TV, which I like. I wouldn't be linking it if I didn't like it, of course, so what's the point in saying that? Sometimes I just have to comment on things even when I know it's useless.
09/14/09-I'm taking a short vacation to Montreal next week (actually this week, I guess?) and its not so short that I'll have time for a comic. So no update next week. The bad comics are almost done, I plan on having all 200 done this year, which is silly since Nedroid and KCGreen and them finished theirs in like a week. But whatever! I have my own pace. For a link, I'll do Bobwhite, which I like. It's by the same person as the good crook, which I linked earlier.
09/07/09-Usually coloring is really annoying, but I had a lot of fun with this one. The joke is told a little clumsily, oops! I originally intended to have two more panels in which Robot asks around to see if anyone uses missiles - Ourorya scoffs, and Enne slaps him. I wanted to keep it as a single row of though, so they had to go. Oh, I've been playing shadow complex, which is basically metroid. Hence this comic.
08/24/09-It looks like Scary Larry managed to turn back from being a pie. I tried to keep the pencils much more loose on this one, which is a stylistic switch I need to make sometime soon to save time. Until I get the hang of it, though, the art's gonna look a bit wonky in places. Liz and I went to the Fairy Stone state park in VA, I found about a dozen fairy stones, though not high quality ones. We were meeting Liz' sister and her kids, they've gotten alot bigger, which is I guess what children do. Because of that trip this comic was pretty seriously rushed, but even so it took nearly six hours to get the pencils and inks done. There's a thousand things I want to fix with the colors, but this is going to have to be where it stays.
08/18/09-These are some of the worst comics I've done. I can't decide if the first two or the second are worse. If you pick one update to skip this year, make this the one.
08/09/09-At work, we have a big videoconference coming up, and I had to work thru the weekend. As such, I wasn't able to get a comic done. Sorry. I drew some things at Seven, tho. here.
08/04/09-Okay, this one is large and took me awhile. I sacrificed sleep to finish it on schedule, but even so didn't quite make it. Here is the revised version. Lots of body language and expressions, I didn't feel like I totally nailed it on any of them, but there also weren't any that I felt flopped, either, which is good considering all the hunching and getting in or out of chairs that went on. For links, this may not be new to any of you, but I like Homestuck quite a bit.
07/20/09-I had wanted to have two pages up today, but the one took longer than expected, and I didn' budget my time well, so here we are. I don't think I'll color this. I'm going to see if I can get the next page up this week, but it's unlikely! I've been slacking off on linking other comics, so here is North World, which uses a very similar gimmick to Irritability's. A different approach to it, though.
07/13/09-At the last minute I decided I hated the 4th comic for this batch, so I didn't draw it. But then I changed my mind again and put it up, although in the context of a previously existing running gag. Romeo, the oldest tiger at the CPT got put down Sunday, due to being too old to walk. I'm a little bummed about that even though I only saw him a couple of times. rip romeo.
06/29/09-I wasn't feeling this one so much so I put off working on it until it was too late to finish. I'll work on colors tomorrow. After doing those badcomics for a while, I kind of resent how much time it takes to do the regular ones. Also I'm going to DC/Baltimore for the 4th of July, so there won't be a comic then, probably.
06/14/09-Some bad comics! I'm going to bed now! I might be out of town next weekend, though.
06/01/09-Didn't really have enough free time to make a comic properly, but it had been too long so here you go. I didn't get around to the colors, and so the strip doesn't read as well as it should. The two trolls are going to be different colors, and in the 4th panel it should be clear that the two-headed troll is the two of them put together. Chappy's reasoning for doing this being hinted at in the first panel, for those of you who like their jokes explained. This weekend I met with two good friends I hadn't seen in a long time, and made steak al poivre, garlic mashed potatoes and kolaches, all of which turned out really well. So it's not like I was just goofing off.
EDIT - It's mostly colored and corrected now, I'll finish it tomorrow.
05/18/09-I wanted to do two of these single-sized comics, but there's another deadline coming up at work, so I don't have enough time. Inking this one was disaster after disaster, but I was able to clean it up somewhat in photoshop. Colors could be a bit more finished, but it's gonna stay this way, I think. Also, if anyone has tried to use the rss feed, let me know if it works.
05/11/09-What's this?? An on-time comic? Oh, it's not quite finished. Whew. I should have the colors finished tomorrow night. This "plot" will continue for a few more strips, at least. Maybe I said that already. Here is a link to Jonny Crossbones, which fans of tintin will especially enjoy.
Uptd. - Okay, it's still woefully unfinished, but I have to let it go and start on the next one!
Uptd. II - Josh Lesnick asked me to make an rss feed, so I did what I could. It seems to work, but it probably sucks! The link is in that bar under the comic. That's just to the file, though, I don't know how any of that stuff works.
05/03/09-I couldn't get motivated to do the colors for this. I want to pick out color palettes carefully, I'm not very good at that. Anyway, this is the first of another storyline set of strips, which I swear off of every time I do one. This one is much less of an actual story and more of a collection of gags with a common theme, so I am optimistic. I will try and have the colored version up tomorrow night, but tuesday night is more likely.
04/26/09-I wasn't really feeling it this week. I drew loads of sketches, but I didn't have any ideas worth following through. Sorry! For those of you who only check on mondays, there is at least one new comic. I'll have another bad comic up sometime during the week, and a regular color strip next week.
Oh! I scanned some sketches and put them up on Seven. Here and here are direct links.
04/19/09-Well I spent all my extra time at work. Stuff turned around a bit though, so it was time well spent, if you care. Some more comics. Had some fun with thes ones, there was somehting I wanted to say about them but I forget. What a boring newspost! As for links, I didn't link to minus before it ended, but here is a link to Great.
04/13/09-Four more bad comics are done, but I am still in the uncomfortable position of having an unfinished page. So I'll try to update again later this week. Stuff hasn't been going too well at work though, so I may be too busy with that to comick. A comic I think readers of irritability will enjoy is The Princess Planet. Get ready to groan out loud at loads of puns! Those of you who intend to click the link, that is!
04/07/09-I haven't done the next badcomic yet, but in the meantime here is something that would be difficult to explain.
04/05/09-Last Monday was my mom's 60th birthday, so I flew down to galveston for that as a sort of surprise present. That's why there wasn't any update. Here are some bad comics. I'd have all 4, there was time for that, but the last one I was going to do is kind of dumb and I think I can come up with something to add to it to make it better. Working title is "one-track mind flayer". First comic is a twilight parody, my wife watched that movie with one of her friends a while ago. She said it was funny and, certainly, they were cackling the whole time, so I gave it a look. The thing is just fanfiction though, and watching it I felt like I had walked in on someone masturbating. So I only saw like two minutes, the part where they look at each other in slow motion. (I suspect this does not narrow it down terribly) Finally, dad-isms is my favorite of these by far.
03/25/09-Okay, it's in color now. It didn't turn out as well as I had hoped, but it's ok. I should have spent more time on the illuminated text, especially. OH WELL
03/23/09-Well, here is the aforementioned regular comic. I had hoped to have it colored when it went up, but things got behind schedule, in a shocking turn of events. I'll work on it during the week, but actual work is in another crunch time right now, so who knows how quickly that will progress. In a related note, I'll be busy next weekend, so I don't expect any updates.
03/17/09-Whoops, I missed the monday update! Sorry. I had been working on a regular strip, but all the poses turned out to be way harder than I thought, and people kept coming over, etc. Excuses. So anyway, I decided to just turn the crank on the ol' bad comics machine and put the real strip off until next week. As far as links to other comics goes, uhhh... Party Bear is real good, but there's not enough of it.
03/11/09-Okay here are the comics I mentioned. They are pretty bad, aren't they! Anyway, here is another comic which I like, Ballad. It has recently been resized for greater legibility, which is nice because it was really hard to read!
03/09/09-So, at work, our grant is coming up for renewal and I'm working 7 days a week. Pretty long hours. I had some ideas for bad comics that I was going to do, but when I started to pencil them out they were terrible! So I didn't have the will to use my precious leisure time on them. I'll probably do them anyway, but not tonight. I feel bad about my low output, so here're some semi-hourly comics I did while at work tonight.
03/01/09-More bad comics. Also, I haven't been linking other comics much. Here is one I like called The Good Crook.
02/02/09-It's 95% done. I might touch it up tomorrow, but you probably wouldn't notice. Perhaps you can see what I meant by the joke not being able to carry the comic. I'm going to have to go back to TX for some business, so there won't be an update next monday. I'll try and get some bad comics done before then, but who knows?!?
02/01/09-I'm not putting the latest comic up yet because it's a really boring joke that I just did because I wanted to do the art. But, the lineart was done so as to complement color, and I haven't done the color yet. I'll put it up monday night though, whether it's done or not. On a related note, I've been putting my energies a lot more lately into experimenting and trying things that seem fun, rather than making the comic enjoyable to read. Thanks for bearing with me so far!
01/19/09-The buses didn't run today, so I couldn't go to work. I made more comics as a result. I really like these ones, but the art doesn't "pop" as much as I'de like, I had a hard time creating depth. The tone, etc. is kind of a rip-off of Demon Planet, so if you liked them maybe check it out???

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