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Snid vs...

Snid is a stick figure who is the greatest fighter in the world. He will fight anyone you want him to. Snid vs. is a comic I started drawing for when there is too much room on the comics page of the daily texan, and we need to take up some room. I no longer edit the Texan, but I still do the comic occasionally. If you request that snid fight someone, I will draw a comic for it.
Here are the rules for Snid Vs. comics:
1. From conception to completion, no more than 15 minutes of work may go into it.
2. Three panels long.
3. One-on-one.
4. Snid Wins.

Vs. A Whale
Vs. A Car
Vs. Mag Launcher from Evolution (as requested by Joey Jonas)
Vs. You
Vs. Diablos from FF8 (as requested by not Jennifer)
Vs. Himura Kenshin (as requested by Kim)
Vs. Toad from Mario Brothers (as requested by Jason Riley)
Vs. A Vampire Cat (as requested by Tubesock)
Vs. The Invisible Man
Vs. Birdman
Vs. Billy Blanks (as requested by Liz)
Vs. His Schizophrenic 2nd Personality (as requested by Jeremy Williams)
Vs. The Great Wall of China (as requested by Barnus)
Vs. Alan Greenspan (as requested by Jesse Goldman)
Vs. Golgo 13 (as requested by Megas of Vecanti)
Vs. Ukyou Kuonji (as requested by Henna Shiklah)
Vs. The Vatican (as requested by Josh Lesnick)
Vs. An Adorable Puppy (as requested by Ryan Griffin)
Vs. A Gigantic Cactus (as requested by Cherry Friend)
Vs. Dan Hibiki (as requested by Jonathan Mendoza)
Vs. Etta Raven (as requested by Bashful Bryan)
Vs. Marc Katz (as requested by Zack Bastian)
Vs. Rock Lee (as requested by Philip)
Vs. Dante from Devil May Cry (as requested by Nliles)
Vs. Justin Timberlake (as requested by Freek Groeneveld)
Vs. Aron Ralston (as requested by Ryan Hoeger)
Vs. Arby's (as requested by Arcane Chinchilla)
Vs. His Shadow (as requested by Jonas)
Vs. Wobuffet (as requested by DPsycho)
Vs. A Black Hole (as requested by RedFord)
Vs. Agent Smith (as requested by Neb Reyhecs)
Vs. An M1 Abrams Tank (as requested by Joe Hilgard)
Vs. Leonardo DiCaprio (as requested by Logan)
Vs. The Month of March (as requested by Will Bubel)
Vs. A Suicide Bomber (as requested by Bashful Bryan)
Vs. A Suicide Bomber (Alternate)
Vs. The Act of Constantly Invoking 9/11 (as requested by John Townsend)
Vs. God (as requested by Dave Smith)
Vs. Andross from Starfox (as requested by Ian Jedrusiak)
Vs. Onizuka from GTO (as requested by ...I can't remember)
Vs. The Minus Strand of DNA (as requested by someone I forgot)
Vs. Snid (as requested by Ike Melton)
Vs. Percy Schmeiser (as requested by John de Jong)
Vs. Sumo Guy (as requested by the Jonas)
Vs. His Crippling Alcohol Dependency (as requested by Joseph B. Hilgard)
Vs. Global Warming (as requested by Will Bubel)
Vs. Sadako (as requested by GUIGUI)
Vs. Sadako: The Grudge Rematch
Vs. A Gundam (as Requested by Lucas Anderson)
Vs. The Platonic Ideal of Snid Winning (as Requested by Yorak)
Vs. Gackt (as Requested by Zucni)
Vs. A Fence (as Requested by Nobody)
Vs. Link (as Requested by Lucas Anderson)
Vs. Dr. Michio Kaku (as Requested by Inmate 2993)
Vs. His Fangirls (as Requested by Lurgulary)
Vs. A Supernova (as Requested by Stephane Blondin) (details)
Vs. Chris-chan (as Requested by Stephen Grice)