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24 Hour Comics

A 24-hour comic is a comic you write pencil and ink all in 24 hours. The goal is to finish 24 pages. I team up with the other SAC/icomix cartoonsis every time I do it, now just Bryan Douglas. (By team up, I mean we sit in the same room and distract each other from drawing.) I've only finished a whole 24 pages twice. I put too much details in the pencils, so that slows me down. Here's the list.

Seize Him, You Fools!

Do As I Say, You Primitive Monkeys!

To The Present, You Uppity Wench!

Die, You Zombie Bastards!

Bring Back My Treasure, You Traitorous Swine!

Watch Your Stupid Mouth, Stupid!

Slay Him, You Oily Hippies!

Get A Job, Slacker!

Proceed to the next Objective, You Weak-Minded Simpleton!

Evolve, Inferior Squerson!

Think Again, Biped!