Chappy Chappy

Chappy Chappy is the scion of the Royal family of Vedica, a mysterious nation. He is a heedless fool with incredible strength and pyrokinetic abilities. Like most of the cast, he is driven by the lust for treasure. Perpetually unemployed, he lives with the Banana family, who are historically vassals of the Chappies. He speaks to animals but is generally quite mean to them, though sometimes inadvertently. Prone to fits of mass murder.

Special Death Move: Burning Fist Attack, Mighty Flame

Exoth is Chappy's friend, the obligatory evil genius character. He was formerly commander of Vedica's second army but was basically exiled to the Americas in the early 1700s. Officially assigned the mission of preparing for an invasion of the United States, he regards this as little more than a pretext for his expulsion, and spends little time with it. He lives in a labyrinthine underground lab complex with his cronies, and is frequently visited by superheroes looking to gain reknown by defeating him. While extremely powerful, he is also extremely lazy, and rarely bothers to defend himself, instead counting on his antagonists eventually getting bored and leaving.

Special Death Move: Self-Decapitation

Exoth's henchmen

Beireia is a freelance adventurer who also works a generic office job in the Forest of Peril, a nearby monster-infested wood. Early in the strip's history she was very violent and quick to anger, but is much more stoic in the later (better) comics. Normally aloof, she can become passionate about some aspects of adventuring. She is a powerful fighter, but has no special abilities, and so relies more often on special items and weapons.
Tatanya Positronic Banana

Tatanya is a high school student, and the only child of Victor and Ionil Banana. Her parents had hoped to raise her as a normal girl who spent little time fighting monsters and going into caves, but this did not last. She has since unilaterally declared Beireia her mentor, and has attempted a few solo adventures. Originally sweet and charming, she has drifted toward the path of evil as she grew older. She has not killed anyone, though, so her parents still hold out hope.

Special Death Move: Banana Beam

Tatanya's henchmen and associates

Robot is a young punk who works in Exoth's lab as an indentured servant. While outwardly very surly and uncooperative, he is actually very interested in the workings of the lab. He has very little combat ability compared to most of the others, but was injected with a special potion that allows him to sense the presence of treasure. This ability also allows him to identify creatures that look and act exacly like human beings but whose heads are full of candy.

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