Tatanya Positronic Banana

Tatanya is a high school student, and the only child of Victor and Ionil Banana. Her parents had hoped to raise her as a normal girl who spent little time fighting monsters and going into caves, but this did not last. She has since unilaterally declared Beireia her mentor, and has attempted a few solo adventures. Originally sweet and charming, she has drifted toward the path of evil as she grew older. She has not killed anyone, though, so her parents still hold out hope.

Special Death Move: Banana Beam

Gasoline Girl

Gasoline Girl is a friend of Tatanya who sometimes accompanies her on adventures. She is only interested in such things as a spectator, though, and generally stays on the sidelines when conflict breaks out. She is cynical for her age, and often challenges Tatanya's position of leader of their group. Presumably highly flammable.

The daughter of two mathematicians who could not decide on a name, the X in Xcilla is meant to be a variable. She is usually very shy and timid, but will use violence if sufficiently provoked. Her older sister, Polly, works with Beireia in the office of peril.
Adrianna Gest

Adrianna is Tatanya's rival. She was an amateur detective before becoming involved in the rivalry, but has since become busy in adventuring work. Enne has taken her as an apprentice and subjected her to many dangerous missions, often resulting in her death and subsequent revival.

Victor Banana
The Landlord of Banana Manor, Victor regards the other adventurers as hopeless wierdos, but most people would not notice much difference between his and their behaviour. He has not had much more than supporting roles since his daughter, Tatanya Banana rose to prominence. He has super strength and can fire the Banana Beam.

Ionil Banana
Ionil Banana is Victor Banana's wife, and Tatanya's mother. While not particularly enthusiastic about adventuring and treasure, she learned some healing magic so she could help out. She is very forgetful and absent-minded, though these traits does not show up much in the comic lately.
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