01/18/09 - These two are a little better than the last ones, which doesn't really excuse the slow pace at which I have been releasing, but, well,. I have a bunch of ideas for bad comics that would be fun to draw, so I will spend more time on them, which sort of defeats the whole purpose, but, well. Sone of them may be done as regular comics????? We'll see.
01/13/09 - I was sick and/or tired since Jan.2, when I had originally intended to post these. Mullet are a shitty type of fish that jump out of the water like idiots when they get scared.
12/19/08 - Okay, that's it for 2008, I leave on the drive to Texas tomorrow morning. Have fun over the break, everyone!
12/15/08 - These ones didn't come out as well as I had hoped, but oh well. There will be two more bad comics this week and then that's it for 2008! I wanted to end it with a regular comic, but I couldn't come up with an appropriate script! Shoot!
12/07/08 - All this wait and its just 2 more bad comics??? Yep. There's probably only gonna be one more update this year, I gotta make presents, get ahead at work before taking time off, etc.
12/02/08 - I've got the flu or something, and I'm sleeping basically every minute I'm not at work. I probably shouldn't be going to work, either. Anyway, I'll get the next two bad comics up soon, hopefully.
11/24/08 - Even though the crow one isn't funny, I thought it would be fun to draw so I did it anyway. But the crows ended up looking so ugly! Sheesh! And then that guy's forehead and chin got away from me in the second one.
11/16/08 - The coloring isn't done, but it's presentable enough. I'll finish it tomorrow. I've been really tired for the last several of weeks, I wonder what the deal is. Allergies, I guess.
11/10/08 - Even though I said I'd probably catch up, I didn't. Are you surprised? Probably not. Either way, it doesn't look like I'll be getting much done during weekdays anymore, so I'm just going to accept that I'm a week behind now and not worry about it. I never did a regular comic for october, so I gusee that'll be next.
11/04/08 - The site was down Sunday, so I didn't bother making new comics, how lazy. I'm still behind, but I think I can catch up soon. Also, I've been saving these bad comics as jpgs, which is pretty ridiculous. I converted and optimized them as pngs, so if you go through the "bad" section, it should load in about a third the time now. And look a little better besides.
10/26/08 - More bad comics... I have had a tough time coming up with ideas for the last several batches, so they are a little worse than normal. I liked the beastmaster one, though, so I guess it's okay.
10/20/08 - The trip was a lot of fun, I saw everyone I had meant to, though not nearly enough time was spent with anyone. I ate well most of the time, enough so that I probably got fatter. How interesting! Anyway, I mention all that so you believe me when I say there wasn't time to get any comics done. I cranked a few out to-nite, though. You can't complain about how bad they are because I've already acknowledged them as such.
10/15/08 - New pictures at Four! and more bad comics!
10/13/08 - Cool irregular updates, right?!? The next bad comics should be up Wed. night/ Thu morning. I have been working on something else that I will put up here soon, but I don't want to talk about it yet. I will be taking a trip to the DC area to visit several people next weekend, so the update situation will be even more irregular than normal. Just a heads up! Oh! also I wanted to link to one of my new favorite comics, Demon Planet. It is really weird, but rewards the persistant, I think.
10/05/08 - In dilligence that has become uncharacteristic, I have finished the full complement of bad comics before the scheduled time. Unfortunately they are all boring. Hm. On an unrelated note, I was going to try to get some work done on the paper I want to send out, but instead I just played nethack. whoops!
09/30/08 - It's done! Sorta! The colors are pretty rushed... and the inks too... but it's going to have to stay that way, probably. There was something else to say? Well whatever.
09/23/08 - I decided I wouldn't have time during the week to do the comic I mentioned earlier, so I'm doing bad comics instead.
09/15/0808 - Okay here are some bad comics. Also, I finally colored that last comic, perhaps go have a look at it? (by hitting the back button)
09/07/08 - I wanted this to be in color, and the inks reflect that, but I didn't have time. I might do it this week, but I've got stuff I have to do so probably not?!?
08/25/08 - My funding in my current lab runs out at the end of August, and I have to hurry to try and wrap things up. It's making it hard for me to come up with comics, sorry!
08/18/08 - I don't think mimics can imitate humans, but whatever! ALSO! Look at Gastrophobia, why don't you!
08/08/08 - This regular strip is late because I couldn't think of anything good to do. I ended up using this crappy script which was originally going to be just another bad comic. The art's pretty sloppy, but it's hard not to rush when you aren't really feeling the comic idea. Maybe I should have made the velociraptor movie one instead, even though it has nothing to do with the regular cast... Oh well!
08/02/08 - I've been pretty bad about getting the full set of bad comics out in a timely fashion. I'm going to have to skip a set sometime soon, over the 11-14th weekend. I guess this week's ought to be a regular comic? I'll see what I can come up with.
07/21/08 - I'm a doctor now. woot. These are a day late because I put them off and suddenly got sick yesterday, sorry. It's getting harder to come up with ideas lately, even for bad comics. Maybe I just need to lower my standards? If that's even possible.
07/14/08 - I defend my dissertation today, so I wasn't able to think up comics this week. Next week comics will return, though.
07/10/08 - The site was down for a while, I don't know why, but I finally managed to get through and upload the last of this set.
07/07/08 - Nickelback was the first result when I googled "popular bands to hate". Although, it seems to me that disliking them doesn't necessarily make you a snob.
06/30/08 - My allergies have really been acting up, Ive had NO energy, been sleeping >12h./day.
06/23/08 - Liz got an xbox through her grant, and we picked up the orange box a while ago. I started playing half life 2 yesterday, it's really fun. I never played the first one, though, aso I don't really know what's going on.
06/09/08 - I was going to continue the spellbinding "Polly Hates Toads" storyline, but I couldn't cram it into a strip format. So I went ahead and tried a full-page layout, it was a nice change. I'd like to color this one, but my dissertation is turning into some kind of Zeno's paradox situation, and I really need to buckle down and finish it, so I don't know if it'll get done. It looks all right in b+w, so I won't sweat it either way. Also, I turned 29 Saturday, I'm really getting old. I suppose that's not really surprising.
06/02/08 - Another regular comic. This one will look a lot better once I color it. It'd look better now if I hadn't still been doing the lineart at 5 AM. Ugh.
05/26/08 - There's a new art at Seven and new pics at Four. 2 more bad comics in ~24 h.
05/19/08 - Well, I guess the half Monday/ half Tuesday thing has become routine. I can never think of strip ideas until too late, also I'm spending a lot of time on the pencils, even though the whole point of these bad comics is to move quickly. Hmm.
05/11/08 - I don't know how universal the experience of having school thrown into pandemonium by a dog wandering in is, but it seems to have been common enough in Texas. I'll try and get a fourth one up Monday night.
04/28/08 - I'm actually about half done with the colors this time, but I'm too tired to stay up and finish it. Hopefully by monday afternoon it'll be up.
04/21/08 - If you haven't played Civ 4 or DF you won't get these at all, but you aren't missing much in that regard.
04/14/08 - Whoops, I put this off too long and now there's only two bad comics. I'll put two more up in ~24h.
03/29/08 - The conference was pretty cool, but I'm worn out from walking around SF so much afterwards. I started this strip late, I forgot how long it takes when the layouts aren't really simple. It's nearly 5AM! Ugh. So, there's no color, I'll have to add it in tomorrow or tuesday.
03/23/08 - All I was able to do this month was a few more ridiculous centaur variations. I don't have much to show for my long hours in the lab, either, but that's science. I'm going to be giving a talk at the MRS meeting in San Francisco this Thursday, and when I get back I'm going to start writing my dissertation. The upshot of which is that I should get a real update done next week, then another week of hiatus, then back to normal schedule (hopefully).
03/10/08 - March is going to be a really busy month for me, so I'm going to go ahead and say the comic on on Hiatus for a month. I'll try and do stuff, but I can't guarantee anything.
03/03/08 - More bad comics. These ones were really fun to draw, though they aren't the funniest, I guess.
02/25/08 - Ugh. It's pretty late right now. The coloring here is half assed, those two panel backgrounds are a quarter assed at best. But, there's just no way I'm going to be able to stay up and finish it tonight. I had a few other things to say, but I can't remember.
02/18/08 - There's only two bad comics today because I spent all day playing civ 4 multiplayer with some friends of mine from high school who I hadn't really talked to much for several years. I'll hopefully be able to put two more up monday night. Have a bat picture as consolation in the meantime.
02/11/08 - Apparently nylon brushes aren't appropriate for inking, so I ordered some fancy new ones. Once they get here, the lineart should improve significantly. It might not be noticeable on these bad comics though. Speaking of which, 38 probably doesn't work if you don't know what a silicoid looks like. Sorry if you're the wrong type of nerd.
02/04/08 - The bad comics continue at a relatively sedate pace. I've felt more like playing video games than working on the comic or site lately. Also I've been working harder than previously, which might have something to do with my leisure preferences.
01/07/08 - More bad comics. I'm probably going to just do these for a while. I can guarantee 4 new ones every monday, but I'll probably have more during the week, too.
12/04/07 - Ugh, these colors look pretty bad, but it's way past my bedtime, so they'll have to do untill tomorrow. I really hate having to resort to gradient fills for backgrounds...
12/03/07 - Okay, I got the new photoshop which is stable on this computer, but I'm having to relearn stuff and reinstall scanner drivers etc. So the new comic has no color. How unprofessional! Anyway, this will be the last normal comic of the year. I'll probably put a few more bad comics up, and there may be a 24-hour comic, but who knows. I'm not going to try and hold myself to anything. Have a happy Holiday, everyone!
11/26/07 - Not much to say. I'm slowly working on the t-shirt situation... I doubt they'd be ready in time for christmas, though. I got civ 4, now that my computer can handle it. I was pretty obsessed with it for a few days, but I'm okay now.
11/19/07 - Once again, the comic has no color. This time it's not because photoshop crashed when I was working on it, although that did happen, but because I took so long to figure out the script for this one that it was just too late to get it all done. In consolation, there are 4 more bad comics.
11/12/07 - Okay, I redid the color. Maybe I shoulda spent more time on it, but I want to work on other things.
11/11/07 - You may notice that the new comic has no color. This is because, as it was almost done, photoshop unexpetedly quit. I had not saved, and it was too late in the night to start all over again. I finally replaced my old computer, and the older version of photoshop I have apparently is way less stable on the intel macs than the old ones. I may have to buy the new one, which would be pretty terrible since I could barely afford the computer itself and photoshop is like 300 dollars even for the educational version. I told people on the forum that I'd have some t-shirt designs done by now, and I haven't finished those, either. To be honest, I'm spending most of my time playing persona 3.
11/04/07 - Well, at long last, another Irritability strip. I feel like my linework has gotten a lot better, and my coloring has gotten a lot better... But they don't compliment each other very well. That two-tone cell-shading type of colors I usually use doesn't work very well with faces as I've drawn them here. And the way I shade hair clashes with everything else, I think. At least it's not terrible.
10/26/07 - Talk about travel! I haven't spent more than one day at home for more than three weeks! I'm going up to DC again for the weekend, so there won't be a new real comic just yet, but I was able to at least finish four more bad comics. Here's the rest.
10/03/07 - Okay, 4 more bad comics were added, and that's the last you'll see of me for a while, I'll be vacationing until the 20th, and I have a conference of sorts to attend on the 23rd thru 25th.
10/01/07 - UPDATE! Okay, you may be familiar with the 200 bad comics challenge, first undertaken by a Mr. Nedroid here and then taken up by K.C. Green here. I thought about how I reject about 95% of my ideas for comics for not being good enough for a strip. (believe it or not) Plenty of those ideas had somehting to them, so I thought it would be nice to be able to use them, and the bad comics thing gives me the excuse to go ahead with it even if I'm sure it'll suck. I prefer the actual making of the comic way more than the thinking about it, so these are pretty much perfect. Anyway, here's the first 8 bad comics. Oh, and there's a new Snid.
04/23/07 - I added shading to 713, and put up a bunch of sketches at Seven.
04/22/07 - Well, sorry there wasn't anything last week. And the installment this week isn't very good, honestly.
04/08/07 - Okay I have to leave to catch a flight to san Francisco, where the MRS spring meeting is being held. I put a comic up in its rougher stages, better than nothing, right? Even though it's only like a third of a larger installment.
04/01/07 - What?? Another damn beholder comic? I'm afraid so, dear reader. Also, I finished the shading on the last comic, so if you look at it again, it'll be prettier this time.
03/26/07 - There was some trouble with this one, and as a result it's late. I hope you can forgive me.
03/20/07 - I changed the comic a bit, added some annotations for 2007, and two Snids at Seven.
03/18/07 - Many comic ideas were discarded today before I settled on this one, thankfully it was easy to draw, because I didn't have an idea until pretty late, I wouldn't have been able to upload even a rough copy. I have to get up early to do electron beam lithography, so I couldn't just stay up later. Tomorrow or Wednesday I'll have a more polished version up, and hopefully some snids.
03/10/07 - I had a comic for last week, but it didn't really stand on it's own, so I waited until the second part was also ready. I had hoped to finish this one much earlier, and have a new comic up this weekend, but I'm still on a once a week schedule, at least. There's also something new up at Seven.
02/25/07 - There is a new comic up now, as well as the one last week that I did not announce here.
02/08/07 - So there is a new comic, a sketch at Seven, a new page of pictures at Four, all the annotations for 2006, and a new cast page.
02/04/07 - This comic... what humor exists in it was stolen directly from Girly. I probably should have aborted it, but then there wouldn't have been any comic this week...
01/28/07 - There's a new comic up now.
01/15/07 - So, sorry about the long wait. I went back to Texas early this year, got married, did the whole X-mas thing, and did yet another 24-hour comic. Unfortunately, however, I didn't have the staying power for this one... (I had been up for six hours before we started, three of which were on the road, and I was coming down with the flu, excuses, excuses...) so I quit and went to bed after 21 hours. Later, these last few days, I went back and did the remaining seven (the title page being one of them) pages. I tried to do them very quickly, and in fact, about 6 hours were spent total on after work. Anyway, it's not technically a 24-hour comic, but please still look at Think Again, Biped!
11/29/06 - I finally finished the shading on the latest comic. No extras today, though.
11/22/06 - There's a Thanksgiving filler at One, and a new Snid at Seven, and I resized the images at Four.
11/21/06 - Well, the next comic is done, although I feel that it's definitely sub-par. The next one will be better! Hopefully I can get three more done before we head down to Texas, pushing the number of comics for the year up to 30. That's still not a very impressive number...
11/19/06 - I couldn't think of a good way to do the next strip in time, so for now, there's just a new Snid at Seven
11/12/06 - Finally, the 700th comic is out. It took a long time, and the color is wasted on it, in the end, since it's basically just a talking heads strip. Due to dialogue taking up most of the space, the people are too small to really look good. Oh well, live and learn. Also there is a new Snid at Seven, and some photos from my lab up at Four. Watch out, though, they are very large.
10/22/06 - I was pretty sloppy with the inks this time, but it turned out pretty well. I left last week's up as well, since it wasn't anounced here, someone may have missed it, I guess. The next comic will be number 700, and tradition dictates that it be in color. It should therefore be a more important comic than usual, although now that I think about it, none of the other color strips were relevant in any way. We'll see what happens. Post in the forums!
10/08/06 - This comic was pretty easy to do, although I wasn't sure how to end it.
09/30/06 - Etc. Etc.
09/26/06 - I don't even want to get into how shitty this week has been. The comic was delayed, but not by too much, I plan to release another this weekend, whatever. I'm tired and have acid reflux, I think.
09/17/06 - The final page of the nautical adventure has been added in its entirety. While I enjoyed doing it, I'm also glad it's over. From now on, I'm going to have to swear to only start continuous sets of strips that I've thoroughly planned out to the very end. Maybe with one panel of wiggle room.
09/10/06 - So, Disgaea 2 came out about a week ago, as some of you may know. Despite this development, I finished up that page of the nautical adventure, and added two arts and a snid at Seven. I was just going to have an item world-based filler, but once I did the pencils, it became obvious that finishing it would take way longer than just doing the comic, so I did that.
08/31/06 - I'm sick of this nautical adventure. I've been stubbornly persisting with it, but I'm not sure there's any virtue in that. There's only 1&1/3 page left in any account, so I guess I may as well wrap it up properly.
08/20/06 - I'm a little disgusted at how slow progress is going. That inspired me to make a push today, and I finished a whole page. I think I'll be done with the Nautical Adventure with two more. As for the slow going, I haven't just been slacking off! I've been working on another project, which will perhaps be revealed soon...
08/12/06 - Okay, three more panels. I'm approaching the end here, which is good.
08/05/06 - Another page has been added, or at least most of one has. The pencils, which usually take the most time on these nautical adventure strips, are done for the rest of the page. My folks are arriving here for a week long visit in a few minutes, though, so I don't have time to finish it today. Hopefully Monday.
07/30/06 - So Liz and I were in Texas the last 10 days. I guess I haven't mentioned it, but we're getting married in December, and having it there. So, we were taking care of arrangements, at least ostensibly. Anyway, I finished the latest page, but it looks like there will be only one entry in July on the archives page, which is disappointing.
07/18/06 - July has been a busy month. I finally finished the review article, then spent the next several days drunk and/or hung-over. Liz and I have done and plan to do a fair amount of travel, so I have had to stay late at work in order to stay on top of things. I haven't played a video game in weeks! Whenever I set aside time to work on the comic, I feel so tired or something that I can't bring myself to work on it. When I finally do force myself to start, it gets a lot easier, but the compositions are still pretty lackluster compared to the first installment. That's almost certainly due to the lack of energy I'm experiencing these days.
06/25/06 - Whoops! It looks like I forgot to upload the last two panels of the recent page on thursday, so I missed the promised schedule. The comics are still being done on time though! Here is another one.
06/19/06 - So, I was recently told that I had until July 6 to write a review article for Physical Chemistry, Chemical Physics. It might not be something obvious, but this is a rather huge responsibility, and represents a big spike in my workload. Sooo... What I am getting at is that I have had less time to work on comics. On the other hand, the art supplies I was waiting for to restart the Chappy's Nautical Adventure finally arrived, and so I have started that. I would like to try to upload a few panels every MWF, I can probably do that even with the review, if this first batch is any indication. Anyway, there are also two new Snids, in which he fights Sadako from The Ring.
06/06/06 - There is a new comick to-day. Also, there should be two new Snids, but I keep leaving them at work... They may show up unexpectedly.
05/29/06 - Happy Memorial Day. The new comic is one day late, due to me having a lot of things to do over the weekend. I hope that is alright with all you.
05/21/06 - Well, uh, there is a new comic to-nite. I think it is pretty good.
05/08/06 - Another comic is up. I finished all the inks last night, but this ink/nib combo made for an absurd nuber of smudges, so the cleanup was going to take forever, so I just went to bed.
05/03/06 - Well, isn't this a momentous occasion? Three comics released in slightly less than two weeks! Of course, I can't allow myself to be happy about it, so I'll point out that at this time last year, it was all double size, but really, my heart's not in it. There's other stuff I could upload, but I'm tired as dirt.
04/29/06 - They said it couldn't be done. But it is. done. The next single-sized comic, with moderately OK art, is out. It should have been done on Tuesday, but I've been getting home at 7:30 and waking up at 7:00, so that leaves little time for comics. I will try to do another one this weekend, but if past experince is any indicator, that will not quite happen.
04/21/06 - Another single-sized comic is out. Also, the transcribing is coming along quite nicely .
04/09/06 - It's been too long, but there is a new comic up. I saw one of those shoe-shine stations at the ACS conference, and thought of this. Also, I set up OhNoRobot for Irritability, so you can search through the archives! Well, about twenty of them, right now. But that's where you doing my work for me comes in! Just hit the "transcribe this comic" button at the bottom of the browse page, and follow the instructions! Please!
03/16/06 - I had been keeping up an every monday schedule, this one breaks it, I guess. I don't know if anyone noticed, anyway. The last page (for now) of the nautical adventure on land as well is now up. I am going to be in DC tomorrow until next week, and then the week after that, I will be at the national ACS meeting, which is exciting. I will try and get a comic done before that, but I don't have anything planned right now...
03/06/06 - Okay, here is another whole page. I did the whole thing, from pencils to photoshopping, in about four hours, and it looks all right, so in theory I ought to be able to get a lot more of these done... The limiting factor is energy more than time. Also, I am going to stop the nautical adventure for a while after the next page. I want to do strips again, and this has gone on too long besides.
02/26/06 - I have to apologize for this weeks meager offering; I only added two hastily-done panels to the fourth page. I had to help a guy move, and this and that, and so I didn't have but like one hour to spend on the comic. I didn't get to play any video games or watch any shows, either, if it makes you feel better.
02/19/06 - This week's update comes to about a whole page, which is an improvement over so far. I had the rest of the third page finished yesterday, but I didn't think anyone checks the page on saturdays by this point, so I didn't bother uploading it. I had some software issues to work out, also, but whatever. Also, it looks like the Nautical adventure will go on longer than I had originally thought. The pirates have kind of 'stolen the show', if you will.
02/13/06 - Well, the first part of the third installment of the nautical adventure is up, and there's a new page of random images as well.
02/06/06 - I added the rest of Nautical Adventure II. I also put up a new picture at Seven. The night is still young, and Liz is using the TV, so we'll see if I can get any more done on the next page tonight.
01/29/06 - Up until about three hours ago, it was looking like I wouldn't get a comic done this week. And, I didn't finish a full page. But, this is enough for now, I might be able to finish it and put it up later this week. I also have been working on another high-quality picture, something I haven't done since the office of peril picture. I also got a cellphone, finally, and it can have animated gifs for the backgrounds and such. If I make any Irritability ones, I'll be sure to upload them here.
01/22/06 - Okay, I finally managed to get a new comic done. I decided to do a few in full-page format, using the brush-pen. It worked out altright, but I think I will use the quill for faces next time. I expect to keep the Nautical Adventure going for another three pages.
01/05/06 - Well, there's good news and bad news regarding the next 24-hour comic... The good news is that it exists, despite seemingly insurmountable logistical problems. We had a very small window in which to pull it off, and as a consequence, I had been up for about 18 hours when it began, but we went "balls to the walls" and went for it. The bad news is, due to me having to take a nap 6 hours in to avoid dying, it's a bit short. I used this new brush-pen thing that I had, it worked out pretty well. Also, January is going to be a seriously busy month for me, work-wise, but I want to keep up a good pace on irritability regardless. Anyway, look at Evolve, Inferior Squerson!.
12/12/05 - I'm much more pleased with this one than last week's. It was looking bad up until the last minute, I couldn't come up with a good way to end it, everything I had was boring and... lacked closure I guess is the only way to say it. There are also parts of the art that I think turned out quite well. I added the new snid and another digital paint practice to Seven about five days ago, also. This will be the last update for a while, I have to get presents ready, finish up at work, and prepare for the drive back to Texas. Then there's the trip itself, which will last a while. Last year, at about this time, I vowed to produce more comics. This year has not seen many more, but they've almost all been double-sized. Oh! and, it looks like there will be yet another 24-hour comic this year. Happy Holidays!
12/05/05 - Man, I feel crappy. Today's comic reflects this, in that it IS crappy. It was easy to do, at least. I also did a snid, but I am too tired to scan it in right now.
11/20/05 - So, November is shaping up to be a big month, in that I have consistently had weekly updates. In addition to the strip, there are four pictures up at Seven.
11/13/05 - Well well well! look who updated twice in one week! Like that's something impressive! Anyway, I plan on getting new comics out at this pace until I leave for the christmas break. Also, the Ragnalith storyline is finally through, so I can get back to more random strips.
11/07/05 - Just like very slow clockwork, the next comic is up. Believe it or not, this one would have been up last week, except I had to spend the whole weekend in Texas and/or airports. My cousin got married, it was nice, saw lots of the family. Anyway, the ragnalith story is finally winding down, I have some new ideas I want to do afterwards. I'd do the annotations now, too, but I've got a pretty killer headache, and it's late.
10/24/05 - I'm still playing that damn Alpha Centauri. Liz got the lawyer game and the surgery game for the DS, and I have radiata stories as well, but here I am, building base facilities and shooting mindworms. Anyway, I had no trouble getting this strip done, even though my Propositional exam was last Wednesday, and we're about to send out a manuscript at work. I vowed to have more strips this year than last year, and it looks like I've got that in the bag, but the spread is not going to be very impressive, unless I get some kind of jolt of comic drawing energy, or forget how to play computer games.
10/09/05 - Alpha Centauri has gotten its claws into me again; I'm having a hard time doing anything other than play it. Is there another good turn-based strategy game? It's kind of sad that I have to keep going back to this 1999 game, or whenever it was made. Despite this, I managed to get the next comic out. I'm falling behind on the annotations, though. I'll try to update those in a few days.
09/25/05 - I managed to get the inks done, but the version I have ready now is pretty rough. I'll clean it up monday or tuesday. Another thing I managed to do is give myself food poisoning or indigestion or something. I made this vegetarian pasta, since pretty much all I eat normally is meat, dairy, and starch. So, I guess my stomach can't handle vegetables that aren't boiled to all hell, because my stomach really hurts now. Or maybe some of them were rotten, the vegetables, I mean. I like to think I'd notice, but maybe not.
09/12/05 - So I cleaned up the comic a bit. I almost had it done a week ago, but that's about when I got sick. This one was really tough, too. I've been playing Makai Kingdom pretty heavily, too, I must admit. Also, if you haven't already, why don't you check out the forum?
09/11/05 - I've been having some trouble with germs lately... I never get sick, completely, but I have really low energy for a week or two. I aim to have more tomorrow or Tuesday at the latest.
08/28/05 - Although it's been a long time since the last update, if you discount the 10 days I was in Canada, this release is right on schedule. For the two-week schedule, that is. Anyway, it's in color, done using painter, and it looks pretty damn good, if I may say it myself. Also, the previous strip, which was rushed to press, has been retouched for looks and continuity. Finally, there is a piece up on Seven that I did for practice with digital painting. It's a copy of a photo of morning musume member Eri Kamei.
08/04/05 - Due to profound slacking on my part, I had made almost NO progress on the next strip until today. I rushed, and finished it, but the art is sloppy, and the shading is cursory. I take a plane to Newfoundland at 6:30AM tomorrow, though, so I don't have time to do anything else. There are, however, three new sketches at Seven that you may want to check out.
07/24/05 - Just short of three weeks, that's a pretty pathetic delay. I've been feeling crappy, and lazy and so on, that's all there is, no work-based excuse. Anyway, I can't think of anything else to say.
07/05/05 - The next one is up.
06/25/05 - The second installment of the new storyline is here. There is also a new set of pictures up at Four. Also, I just realized that, although I had updated the HTML for the links that leave from One almost a year ago, I neglected to upload it! good grief! That's fixed, though, now. Oh, it looks like that was only a problem with the icomix version, so it's not so bad.
06/14/05 - Ugh. Off to a bad start here, with this new storyline. In terms of speed as well as quality. Which is really disappointing, I felt good about it going in. Hopefully the next one will work out better. I'll try to plan it out more thoroughly.
05/29/05 - The second half is done now. Also, I've become interested in oekaki, I put some up at Seven.
05/22/05 - The first half of the next comic stands on its own pretty well, and it's done, so I put that up.
05/19/05 - I thought I was doing really well as far as time goes, with this one, but now that I look at the dates, this strip is only one day ahead on a two-week schedule. Damn.
05/06/05 - I was planning on impressing everyone with the rapid delivery of this double-sized strip one week after the last release. Unfortunately, thing after thing came up, mostly me being unexpectedly exhausted, and it is now only early by the unimpressive figure of two days. Oh well, that's better than being late. There's also a couple of crappy sketches at Seven.
04/25/05 - About damn time, huh? Well, I've been wanting to go back to single size strips for a while now, but haven't been able to think of any. I finally did, though, so after all this waiting, it's not even long. I have a fair amount of strip ideas backed up as well, but they are almost all double size.
04/03/05 - Lots of things delayed this one, but they are all fixed now, so I'll have to find new excuses next time. There is a new comic, and a bit of art at Seven. enjoy.
03/23/05 - So, the big deadline I've been working so hard on came and went, and I had the needed results, right in the nick of time. Anyway, this means that I'll have more time to work on Irritability. I didn't have any ideas for strips lying around, though, so there isnt one now. There is a new filler, another set of random images at Four, a painting of Velel at Seven, and a bit of writing on Vedica, in the extras section on One.
03/13/05 - My quill is all fucked up, so it's really hard and frustrating trying to ink with it. But, I don't have anything else that will do. Anyway, the art on tonight's comic really sucks as a result, which is disappointing. I can't end things well, it seems. I did not have a clear exit strategy for this comic.
02/27/05 - Man, time flies. February's almost over, but at least there's a new strip up.
02/13/05 - In addition to the next high school drama strip, there are some new annotations for 2002. Also, I was working on a relatively brief description of Vedica, since some folks seem to be interested in the "back sory" of Irritability.
02/05/05 - So, I was a bit busy at work, so no comic yet... the pencils are done, though, and I'll do some inking tonight. For now, there's a pic of Miss Abinger at Seven, you may like to go have a look at that.
01/23/05 - I only did 20 comics in 2004, that's a little pathetic. I don't generally do new years resolutions, but let me retroactively make mine to beat that figure this year. The first for 2005 is up now, go see it, please. Also don't forget to see the stuff from last week's update.
01/18/05 - The next comic is coming along nicey, and should be done this weekend sometime. Meanwhile, there are two guest comics for you in the guest section, on new snid, and a rather large amalgam of sketches at Seven. Please do have a look.
01/06/05 - So, the new 24-hour comic, "Proceed to the next Objective, you Weak-Minded Simpleton" is up. Not too shabby, If I do say so myself. and I do. I left my sketchbook in Galveston, with the sketches for the next few comics in the High School Drama series in it, so there may be some delays in the comics. I may be able to put some php into the site in the meantime, or I may do some digital painting, since I got painter 9 for christmas.
12/17/04 - No filler, but three arts in Seven. Happy holidays, as they say.
12/06/04 - So, I worked 65 hours this week, although I'm counting several hours where I was at work but not, technically, 'working'. Anyway, that sucked a lot, I just couldn't get this strip done in time. I always swore I'd never develop a work ethic, but here I am. Lame lame lame. No peripheral updates this time, just the main course.
11/20/04 - Well, damn. This strip was 80% done last Sunday, but since then, I could never get even one hour to work on it. Frustrating. Anyway, there's more annotations, two new guest arts from someone who found superficial similarities between Exoth and a character of her own, please check that out, and be inspired to make guest art of your own. Also, there should be new images up at Four. Finally, before I forget, I was emailed by someone who suggested Irritability readers expand the Irritability Wikipedia stub into a more substantive article. I haven't ever edited content on that, so I don't know, but some enterprising readers out there may want to try their hand. Apparently someone has already, or there wouldn't be any article at all.
11/11/04 - There's a new snid, new pics on Four, some stuff on Eight, and a bunch of annotations for strips from 2002.
11/07/04 - Okay, here's the comic between storylines, I basically have the kinks worked out of the next one, enough so that I can get started, at least. Mary-Ellen came to visit, and she brought Cordelia(a baby), so that slowed down the work. Also, I went back to the reccommended 55 hour work week, but I squeezed them all in mon-fri, so I had a lot of catching up on sleep to do. Excuses, Excuses. Should be another snid mid-week, with some more random images, and hopefully Tatanya's adventure will begin on the 14th. Oh, one more thing. At the request of a reader, I'm uploading the photoshop file for the current front page image on One, so wallpapers can be made. I'd do it myself, but that's a skill I have no confidence in. Beware, though. I reduced the size, but it's still 6 megs. here it is.
11/03/04 - I've been a little overworked, and I haven't been able to figure out how to do the next storyline, exactly. So, there will be a single-size strip this weekend, but for now, there's just a new Random Image page at Four. Let me know if you find it interesting, and I'll look hard for more such.
10/28/04 - Two new Snids are up at Seven. In a first-time occurence, they form a series of sorts.
10/24/04 - Well, the Head-Leg storyline is wrapped up. I did a double-size comic in one week, good for me. We'll see if I can keep that up. There were some other things I wanted to add to the site, but there's no time tonight, we'll see about later this week. Also, I'd like to get some Snid requests from people who haven't had one yet. If you've made a request, but haven't had one fulfilled ever, please remind me.
10/17/04 - Awesome news, everybody! Benevolent dictator Matt Howell has got the old forum back up and running! All the old, idiotic dicussions are still there, and if you're using the same computer, your profile should still load automatically! Whoa! Also, a new comic, continuing from the other one.
10/10/04 - Progress on the next comic is a little slow, it should be up next weekend, though. In the meantime, there's a filler and a digital paining I sunk a lot of time into at Seven. It looks like photoshop is not the program for painting. I have a hunch that Painter is the program of choice for that. It was the name that tipped me off.
10/02/04 - Part one of the head-leg's revolt story is up. It's double-sized, as are all the new comics in the forseeable future. I might have finished it last week, if we hadn't rented Silent Hill 4. Also, my brother sent me some burned DVDs of hunter x hunter, that occupied my time for a while. Also, here, here, and here are some pictures of a big ol' spider I caught near work.
09/18/04 - The new comic is a double size one, and there's some stuff on how to scan stuff in and adjust the contrast so it looks purty in Eight. Also, the "forum" link at One goes to my deviantart page, where there's forums.
08/22/04 - As an experiment, I did this new comic completely in photoshop, using the tablet. I thought it would save me time, but it ended up being much, much slower. Maybe three times as much time as usual. It looks a little better, except for the text, at least. I tried some new shading style, it looks pretty good. Anyway, I'll be sticking to pen and paper for a while longer.
08/17/04 - Been keeping up alright with the 'something every day' plan... although I had nothing yesterday, there's two things today: the second panel, with fake dialogue, and a snid. By the way, if you requested snid fighting the minus strand of DNA, please let me know so I can put your name on the list.
08/13/04 - Well, I'm being kept VERY busy at work... my boss told me I should be working 55 hours a week at least, and I didn't take him too seriously. It looks like I'm going to have to though, starting a while ago. As a result of that, I've been too tired to work on a strip. What I'll try to start doing is put up some sort of tablet doodle, like the one I put up today, every day there's no comic. Previews of the strip I'm working on will take the place of the doodle when appropriate. Otherwise, I'd never get a strip done.
08/01/04 - Ugh. Well, there's a new strip, at least.
07/07/04 - Well, the streak is over. I had a ton of work to take care of, and now I'm going to Colorado. I put some words up on page Eight, though. Mainly a bunch of economic theories I'm not qualified to put forth that I wrote up when I couldn't sleep.
06/27/04 - I am on a roll, so to speak. Although, three strips in slightly less than three weeks is only impressive in the context of my lackluster performance this last year or so.
06/20/04 - Another comic in less than a week! that's the first time in quite a while! This strip kind of alludes to the next one, so hopefully that'll motivate me to get it out on a similar timescale.
06/16/04 - Okay, as you probably know, the site was down for about three months. I did only four comics in the downtime, which is pretty pathetic, but then, I wasn't feeling terribly motivated. Josh Lesnick has generously offered the webspace to bring the maze back, you should check out his current comic, girly. Also, there's a lot of useless stuff on this site, so I'm going to take this opportunity to trim it down. I think the forum is totally gone, and probabaly all the stuff on it gone forever. You can put comments and stuff on my DeviantArt page for now. Umm... Also, Freek Groenveld from the Netherlands has contributed five whole guest-comics, you can check them out at the appropriate place. I also uploaded a guest comic that I did recently, for one of the Duke paper's student comics. It, too, is in the appropriate place. there's some more art at Seven, no new snids, though. A few are on the way, so if you wrote in recently, I'm getting to it.
03/17/04 - By now, there should be a new comic, but I'm afraid you'll have to settle for another filler. It's for St. Patrick's day. The good news is, I finally plowed through those stupid wheel of time books, so I don't have that slowing me down. Hopefully I'll be able to crank out the irritabilities now. I've been working pretty hard lately, though, so who knows.
03/05/04 - There is another follow-up filler at One. Also, I'm putting the Hammerfall mp3 up for Bryan. I suppose you other folks can download it, too, but don't tell the RIAA. Not that Hammerfall are on the RIAA anyway...
02/29/04 - I finally did another comic. It took me a long time to come up with an idea that I was willing to make a strip for, then I had several at once. Hopefuly I'll get those done soon, but there's something else I want to work on for march that will take precedence... also,

02/12/04 - Liz got me like 120 episodes of One Piece, the pirate anime. It's pretty awesome. Also, I accidentally stabbed myself with a fairly large hypodermic needle the other day. I thought it just barely broke the skin, but on closer inspection, I saw that it went all the way through one finger, and well into the adjacent finger. The needle came right out, is how I didn't notice. It was on my left hand, though, so who cares. Anyway, there's a new Irritability, a new snid, and a new sketch at Seven.
02/03/04 - This latest comic has been completed. I don't really have any fun facts to share today, sorry. Oh, some new annotations should be up, if you're interested in those.
01/26/04 - I would have had this comic done a long time ago, but people kept coming over to my place, I had to entertain them. Anyway, there it is.
01/19/04 - Volume 26 of Berserk came out recently, and was rather awesome. Also, the filler is up, finally. Things were looking bright for a while, then Liz got me started on those accursed "Wheel of Time" books. More like "Wheel of Nerdy Bullshit", if you ask me. Regardless, I've been sucked in, and now spend most of my free time reading that and hating myself, at the same time. I still play Disgaea a bit. In other news on my media consumption, I watched a football game on TV today, with some pals from work. It was pretty boring. The best part was during halftime, they had some NASCAR commentator there for some reason, and I said, mimicking his voice: "this sport would be improved by having them run around the field 400 times in order to win!" that's a joke about NASCAR.
01/13/04 - I decided to save the filler for later, but the rest of the stuff is here.
01/10/04 - I put up an alternate ending to the green slime comic. I meant to release it soon after the others... I guess I'm lazy. When I get back from Pittsburgh, I'll upload the next Irritability, a new, non derivative filler, some more art for Seven, and a surprisingly low-quality snid, which may seem like a redundancy of terms to some of you.
01/06/04 - The newest 24-hour comic is up at One now. I have some other stuff ready, as well, but I'm going to upload it later, to keep updates more spread out.
12/16/03 - Well, here's another comic. It's alright. It was a huge pain in the ass, because the pen I was using sucks balls, if you'll pardon my language. the ink won't come out, at least not reliably. I don't get it. Quill pens, paper, and ink are all very mature technologies, so why do I have so much trouble with the putting ink onto paper process? I didn't use to. Anyway, these are rhetorical questions, there's no need to email me about it or anything. In addition to the comic, there's a page of scribbles I drew on the airplane a while ago, at Seven. Also available is some guest art, or a coloration, from Jamie Snyder and Jake Judson. It's of that two-page splash image in "Do As I Say, You Primitive Monkeys!", if you remember that far back. I actually had started coloring that image myself, shortly after I drew it. I'm going ahead and putting my version up, as well, even though it kind of looks like I'm trying to show Jamie and Jake up or something. When I saw theirs, though, I went back and looked at mine, and remembered how much time I spent on it, and didn't want to let it just sit there on my hard drive after all that work. That's the story of my life, incedentally. Loads of wasted effort that wouldn't be a waste if I'd just follow through and do the last 15% it would take to finish the project. But I digress.
12/08/03 - It's about damn time, right? This comic isn't really good enough to warrant the long delay, unfortunately. Observant readers may notice a higher than usual occurance of backgrounds and bicycles, two things that I have a very hard time drawing. The first row of panels took me about a month to finish, and the bottom row took two days. This is only the thirtieth comic of the year, I just realized. That's pretty awful. hopefully next year will be better, but that's when my prelim is, so maybe not... And, I'll still have to teach. Oh, also, I have a Director's Cut of one of the filler comics available for those few people who check updates here.
11/26/03 - I'm leaving again, this time to springfield Illinois, where some of my family are going to be. Slight progress on that damn comic, but there's another filler up, at least.
11/20/03 - Well, work and school and such have not let up, and I'm going to be back in Texas for a wedding this weekend, so the next comic's still a long way off. However, for now, there's a color filler comic, four sketches up in the art page, as well as a long-delayed snid. Last, but not least, two guest comics have been donated, so thanks to Jed and Anthony for providing those. As is the custom in such situations, I'm providing the link sent with the comics.
11/10/03 - I keep meaning to do an update sometime when I'm not totally tired, so as to be able to make conversation, but it never happens. Anyway, there's no comic right now, and won't be for a while, probably - the upcoming one is double sized, with 10 panels, and difficult art in almost all of them, so it will take some time to complete. In the meantime, I hope to have several shitty filler comics produced to tide you over, so to speak. Did you know that I find it humorous to say "so to speak" when it's not really necessary or helpful to do so? Oh, and by the way, my eyes don't hurt anymore.
11/04/03 - Lately, I have to sleep all the time, and my eyes hurt constantly. It sucks.
10/27/03 - Well, this comic is done. It's pretty funny to me, at least. I don't have much else to say. Oh! I mentioned a "Snake 'n Bacon's Cartoon Cavalcade" a while ago, but it's actually "Cabaret" not "Cavalcade".
10/22/03 - Work has been pretty crazy lately, so I don't have an Irritability ready, even after all this. At least there's a shitty filler comic, right?
10/12/03 - This one has been done for a while, actually. I've been busy with my research progress report, and these two pages of calculations, the likes of which have apparently never been done before, for an article a postdoc in our group is writing. Hopefully, the "my beautiful face" filler helped tide you over. And, since there was such a positive response (2 emails, but that's a lot for this site) to the olde tyme political cartoon last time, I found something somewhat similar in Snake 'n Bacon's Cartoon Cavalcade, which I hihgly reccommend.
09/29/03 - Sorry for making you wait. Hurricane Isabel or whatever messed some stuff up, even though we're like 200 miles inland. Because North Carolina has all these unjustifiably tall, weak-ass pine trees all over the place. So, I would have finished it probably last weekend, except I lost power early thursday... I forget why I didn't get another chance to work on it until this last thursday... Anyway, to make up for it, I have four brand new snids, and this awesome old-school political cartoon.
09/11/03 - Just in time, there's a replacement for that boxcutter comic. I used more whiteout on this one than I ever have before... It's late, and I have to get up early so, that's all for now.
08/27/03 - About damn time, right? A new comic is up at One... I didn't have time to add shading in photoshop, but there's more shading than usual done by pen, so that mitigates it. Hopefully after this I'll be back on a once/week schedule, but I've fallen short of expectations before, so...
08/19/03 - As promised, the seventh 24-hour comic is up. It's a little better than they've been in the past... the plot aproaches coherence at points.... You can see it here
08/02/03 - Well, unfortunately, I didn't work on the comic I was supposed to post yesterday much, and it's not done. What's more, I'm leaving for texas in an hour or so. I might finish it while I'm there, but don't hold your breath on it. You can, however, hold your breath waiting for a new 24 hour comic, if you can hold your breath until the 18th, that is.
07/25/03 - Dear me, it's late. The Box-Puzzle comic got done on schedule, though, despite being double size. My secret? Cutting corners on the art, of course! No fancy backgrounds this time. An X-box was gotten recently by me, so now I have all three. (plus the dreamcast and the GBA) I've been using it to play midnight club 2, which is fun. It's frustrating, though, assholes ram me all the time. Someone who was good at video games would probably enjoy it more. And, since people on the internet love links, here's a link to a MEMS message board. MEMS stands for micro electro-mechanical systems. Check out the thread where the dude wants a safe/armed mechanism for a MEMS weapon. Scary!
07/19/03 - Well, the help-me-write-the-comic thing was a total bust, so there won't be any more of those. Regardless, I got the fry sharing comic finished and posted.
07/14/03 - I'm having a mild case of writer's block, so I thought I'd try something new here. I have two ideas for strips that are pretty good, I think, but need a little more development before they're ready for the drawing board, so to speak. I'm soliciting suggestions and ideas from you guys. If I get some good ideas from this, I'll probably start doing it for most all comics from now on. Here are the proto-comics: Fry sharing - Warehouse Box Puzzle
07/09/03 - Another comic that's late, but also double sized. And this one's only HALF a week late! cowabunga! Speaking of cowabunga, there's a ninja turtle-themed snid up as well (even though it doesn't feature any actual ninja turtles) and another snid, that makes two snids! Radical! There's even a picture of an alien up in the art gallery. I wanted to plug some things that I like here as well, but it's too late. I have to work tomorrow, even.
06/27/03 - Sorry it took so long. the strip is double sized, though, so it's sort of like I'm on schedule. Also, the queue for snid requests is almost empty, so if you've never requested one, now might be a good time.
06/13/03 - Worst. Comic. Ever. No matter your tastes, tonight's update will surely have something to make you regret ever coming here, whether it's the terrible irritability, or one of the six awful snid comics. I also had some art I wanted to put up, but I forgot to scan it. It wasn't very good, either.
06/01/03 - It's late, but that's not my fault. I actually finished the comic thursday, but my internet at home has been down until recently. Anyway, there's a new irritability and nothing else. Also, I'm vacationing with my folks this week, so there might not be an update this week. Especially since I let Liz talk me into restarting the Unicorn Princess storyline, and I have no idea how I'm going to continue from today's.
05/23/03 - Two strips in one week! But, I stayed up late again, even though I had hoped not to.
05/19/03 - No Snids today.
05/15/03 - Tonight we have five whole comics for all of youse. Of course, three of those are just snids, which some of you would say, not only don't count toward the total, actually subtract from it. Regardless, the other two are irritabilities, though admittedly somewhat sub-par irritabilities. The first is a standard strip, the second is the final three panels of that long pencil one that's been up there forever. Just scroll all the way down there and you'll see it, as long as everything is working alright. Oh, and Rock Lee is a character from Naruto. A particularly awesome character from Naruto, in my opinion.
05/11/03 - Another two-comic update, tonight sees an irritability and a snid. Snid's opponent this time is Marc Katz, an Austin restauranteur who once ran for mayor. I intend to do more snids, since they're so easy, they don't interfere with irritability at all. If you have any ideas, let me know
05/05/03 - The fastest update in recent history, tonight's even features more than one comic! Of course, one is just Snid vs. Etta raven, as requested by Bashful Bryan himself, but regardles...
05/01/03 - Chappy remains in prison in the new comic.
04/25/03 - Okay, I finally finished my quantum project, and now I can work on comics again! So, there's finally a new irritability at One. Also, I added a bit to the 'how to art' page on Eight, and a few random scans are up on Seven.
04/17/03 - Jonathan Mendoza's snid request Snid vs. Dan from street fighter has finally been posted. I'm working on a new comic, and some more panels for that long one, but even though I've given up video games for the next week, it may be a while before either is done. I have some art I'll be posting soon, though. It's not particularly good, but it's kind of funny. I want to rearrange the art page as well, I'd rather some of those older ones not be seen ever again...
04/08/03 - A new comic is up. I also finished a snid comic, but I forgot who requested it. It's Snid vs. Dan from street fighter, so if you requested that, let me know.
03/25/03 - Six more panels for the long comic. It's crazy how much stuff there is that has to be done... Every time I finish something, and relax in anticipation of a break, I realize that I now have to do all those things I've been putting off. This time, taxes are the pressing issue. And now, I live in a place that actually has a state income tax! Ugh!
03/17/03 - There's a brand new strip, and 6 more panels for the long comic up today. Actually, the new panels were added a while ago, I'm just now announcing it. I found ink a while ago, I've returned to using a quill for inks, it's refreshing.
02/21/03 - For those of you not in grad school, let me give a brief explanation. There are three major components. The first, and least imporant, is classes. Second, is the teaching assistantship you take to pay your bills. Third, and most importantly, is your research. Despite their low status, the first two take up an awful lot of time. All this week and last week, I've been doing quantum homework, and grade papers. Usually when I complain about time, there's some video game whose influence, shall we say, does not help. This is not the case here. I haven't played vice city in more than a week, and I haven't bought zelda, either. Or MOO3. Whining aside, I should explain the comic that's up today- It's meant to be the first part of a really long comic, like 5-10 times the length of a usual one. I wanted to get it done in less than 5-10 times normal, so I decidet to use pencils, and no ink. Well, the whole project turned out to be much more prone to procrastination than the strips, so that's why, even after all this time, I only have 2 strips worth. Today's installment isn't complete, either, so don't get confused when it ends abruptly.
02/21/03 - Ugh. It's so late. If you thought you'd seen the last of snid, think again. There's a new adventure at Seven, and there's even less sense involved than usual. Also, there's a comic, continuing from monday's.
02/17/03 - Another Head-Leg strip, and a slightly different look for the front page. I've been meaning to change it for a while, and perhaps I'll switch out that maze later.
02/14/03 - I've been at school for at least 10 hours every day this week, and I wasn't able to come up with any good ideas, either, so that's why you had ot wait so long. Anyway, a special valentines day strip is up, and it has lots of hearts. Oh, and if anyone tries to give you some of those harry potter jellybeans, punch them in their damn face! Those things are incredibly nasty! Not that you'd expect them not to, given the names of the flavors, but the bad ones are the same colors as the good ones, so it's easy to get confused.
02/07/03 - I was too tired to update the site last nite, and I forgot today, since I was at school for so long. Sorry.
02/02/03 - Drawing the metroid was easier this time, but I continued having trouble deciding how the metroid innards should move around when Chappy's head is in among them. In the end I just drew them the same, as it was in the game. Oh well.
01/31/03 - New Comic. I recently beat metroid prime. It was fun. There will be a metroid movie, also, it looks like. About a week before I heard about that, I had suddenly become obsessed with the idea of a metroid movie, particularly how its being an atrocity would be about the only thing in this world you could count on. The producer/director/whatever is Final Destinations, or rather, the human associated with that. So, yes, it will be terrible. Not to be too long winded, either, but I can't understand why Hollywood is totally unable to make a decent film adaptation of anything. If you want to make your own movie, and take ideas from a comic or video game or whatever fine, go nuts. But if you want to make an adaptation, you should try to stay very true to the original. In this case that means Samus can't take off her suit until the ending credits, and then only if the audience saw all 100% of the hidden items in the movie.
01/26/03 - Oh, one other thing i forgot in that last update: My email doesn't work, and it doesn't look to be a temporary thing anymore. So, if you've written me in the last month or so, and haven't got a response, I didn't get it, and I won't. Unless, that is, you send it again to my duke address: mew17@duke.edu.
01/25/03 - Good Grief! That comic turned out to be a lot more work than I expected, almost as bad as that damn triple-size unicorn one. Now, usually when a comic is this late, it's because I've been slacking off. This time, however, it's because the strip was so damn uncooperative. Despite all my efforts, it didn't even turn out that nice. There's too much dialogue, and yet, not enough is said to make it clear. Oh well, it looks pretty good, though, and Clawson is funny enough.
01/18/03 - The 600th comic is coming up... True to form, it will be in color. I'm not sure what to do, though. Oh, there's also a new guest art up, by Sam Hall
01/15/03 - Damn, I really wanted to have this comic up a lot earlier. I had it 75% done by saturday, and 100% done last night, but things kept coming up to distract me, so the release date kept getting pushed back. Even so, the shading job is kind of half-assed. Too much stuff needed to be shaded, when that happens, the pictures end up being very hard to make out. So, I left a lot of things white which should really have been shaded, and it looks kind of crappy. I'm satisfied with the art and the writing though, so whatever.
01/09/03 - The latest 24-hour comic, Watch Your Stupid Mouth, Stupid! is now available at One. It's not as good as previous ones, but it features a character that some of you might have been wondering about. Since it appears that there still are some folks reading this... By the way, the reason I can update now is that I realized I still had Photoshop 5.5 for OS9 on my old hard drive. I had been planning to format the drive, but since I had no immediate need for the space, I didn't bother. My laziness saved the day once again. Unfortunately, there are no drivers for the current scanner available for OS9, so I had to get this new utility, save the scans as PICTs, open them in photoshop, etc. The worst part is, the pages are 9 inches, while the scanning area of this scanner is 8.5 inches. So I had to scan every page twice, and fit that little strip in for every one. What a pain.
01/07/03 - Well, by now it's unlikely that anyone is still coming to this page, but just in case, I'm posting an update. About two months ago, a few things began to go wrong with the irritability system. First, finals approached, then an ice storm disabled the electricity in my area, photoshop stopped working (as mentioned previously), I ran out of ink and nibs to draw with, I still haven't found a place that sells them here, etc. Partly as a result of all this, I became fairly disinterested in putting out new comics. But, I've worked around some of these roadblocks, and made a new strip. If you haven't been going to icomix during the drought, you've missed out on two other strips. All three are up now.
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