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So, chemistry must usually be done in a properly ventilated fume hood. This one is filled up with some cleaners and a spin-coater, though.

This is the setup that I use most often these days. There's a horizontally mounted microscope, a function generator, and some micromanipulators, with diverse detritus.

This thing basically is a cross between a spot welder and a sewing machine.

Evaporators, as the name suggests, evaporate thin films of metals onto whatever you want. Thhe one shown here is a piece of shit, taken out of someone's garbage. We are converting it to have a liquid nitrogen-cooled sample holder, which will be cool, hurr hurr pun. Anyway, it's slightly dissassembled at the moment, so you can see some of the guts. The cover can be seen off to the right, and that big thermos-looking thing holds the liquid nitrogen, which is also used to get a good enough vacuum in that spaceman-head chamber.

A Scanning Electron Microscope shoots a beam of electrons, up to 30000V, and produces an image based on electrons in the target being knocked out by the beam.

This is the back.

I'm not sure what this is. Probably a physical vapor deposition machine, based on the "PVD" label.

Another device of uncertain purpose, this one's on a pneumatic optical table. Also, this image is a good example of a very current motif in lab space: a bunch of generic-looking boxes, connected together with a big tangle of wires.

Another bizarre machine.

Close up of the wildest-looking part of it.

Okay, the Transmission Electron Microscope. This one is the coolest looking by far, but the pictures of it in the dark didn't turn out too well, I'm afraid. Anyway, it's about 9 feet tall, and uses 200000V. The electron beam of this one passes through the target, and you basically look at its shadow.

It wouldn't all fit in one photo.

With the flash. I forgot to pull down thosw black deals at the end of the table, but there's a whole new batch of dials and such under there.

The power supply box

The electron gun, which sits on top of that big column.

Various wires and pipes and such. There's more of this thing in the other room, as well. It's really big and complicated.

The building which holds most of the stuff shown here. It's a little bleak, huh?